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Panasonic ER GB70 S Beard Trimmer Review

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Panasonic ER GB70

Panasonic ER GB70

It is similar to the GB 80 and GB 60 with some differences.  One of the main difference is in the pricing where both the models cost less than the GB 70. There are many similarities as well such as, all of them has 39 settings for beard and facial hair styling. They all have a 45-degree angle blades made from stainless steel. It would be nice to see some extra features, advantages and benefits in the GB 70 S since it cost more than the other two models. The three of both has washable heads. Let us explore the review and find out why this is more expensive than those two models.

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Product overview

The device is an electric mustache, hair and beard trimmer for men and uses an ultra-sharp, durable 45 Degree-angle stainless steel blade to trim cleanly and rapidly for well-organized trimming. Rapid-adjust trimmer dial and dual comb attachments provide thirty-nine precision settings for tailored shaping, trimming, detailing and cutting. The hair and beard trimmer comes with an ergonomic design and a rubber handle for total control and comfort; the tool for men is easy to clean in seconds using warm and clean water.

Panasonic ER GB70
Panasonic ER GB70

The users can operate with this as a cordless trimmer and it can work for 50 minutes. The package includes a universal voltage adapter for travelling anywhere.

Product advantage

With a remarkably sharp and hypoallergenic blade, suitable slide-up beard trimmer and more, the GB70 exceeds the maximum standards of reliability, comfort, and quality. With thirty-nine changeable trimmer settings and 2 comb add-ons, GB70-S has all the requirements someone needs to maintain their individual style and look at home and during rush hours. When the blade loses sharpness, you have to replace them.

Proceeding the Japanese art of fashioning exceptionally durable and sharp swords, Panasonic has put its best blade technology to this tool. The outcome is a precision blade of astonishing performance and strength. The finest edge is what you require for relaxed grooming.

The super-strong, ultra-sharp blade in this Panasonic trimmer is precision honed to an optimal 45° angle to generate the perfect trimming edge to effortlessly maintain your discrete style and look. The blades are hypoallergenic which makes them suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The 39 settings let you choose the one you want to get the desired style you need. Use the 1.0 mm to 10 mm comb attachment for cleaner and closer beard and mustache trimming. When you want, a long beard chooses the 11.0 mm to 20.0 mm attachment.

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