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TRYM PRO Premium Beard Trimming Set (Grooming Kit) Review

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TRYM PRO Premium Beard Trimming Set (Grooming Kit) Review

TRYM PRO Premium Beard Trimming Set (Grooming Kit) Review

You have obviously heard about TRYM II from various people, websites and beard trimmer rating blogs. You will find its name on Top 10 lists of best beard trimmers. If you are thinking about the appearance of a beard trimmer, this stand first in line. The users of TRYM II are happy with their product because it works as good as it looks. It has a high rating everywhere and when you ask many people to mention the names of excellent beard trimmers, its name will come up. What can surprise you is that there is another one that has a better rating than TRYM II on Amazon and many other websites. That is TRIM PRO grooming kit.

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Product Overview

It is also stylish and handsome because the manufactures focus on the design. It is equipped with adjustable blade and seven trim attachments. That will Help you attain professional outcomes and detailed grooming of beard, hair, body and mustache. When you compare the motor of this with other beard trimmers’ one, you will find that this one works best because it is a high-velocity and powerful one. The device gets all the power from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will deliver up to one hour of unceasing cordless use and sufficient force to trim thick, abrasive hair whether that a moustache or any other body part. The premium stainless steel blade is detachable and washable for easy cleaning. The beard trimmer is not going to be difficult to maintain. The manufacturers also kept in mind that the user should have the best experience and comfort while having this device. Appearance is not important if it is not usable. That is why it comes with wireless ergonomic design to ensure maximum ease and power during a lengthy trimming session and if you are trimming difficult areas. The product comes with a 5-year warranty so you do not have to worry about the purchase. You can contact Pure Enrichment every time there is a problem.

TRYM PRO Premium Beard Trimming Set (Grooming Kit) Review
TRYM PRO Premium Beard Trimming Set (Grooming Kit) Review

Product advantages

The charging time is 1 hour and it will work for 60 minutes with full power. That is hard to find nowadays in a beard trimmer because the charging time is always lengthy compared to the operating time. For example, for charging 3 hours, you get one hour of use. Charging time can be a problem even with renowned and famous brands. The power cord is long enough to give you enough freedom to plug in anywhere you want. It is six feet. The seven attachments make sure that the trimming is precise and easy. You can get any look you want because the attachment includes: 4 to 6 mm, 7 to 9 mm, 10 to 12mm, 6 to 18mm, 22 to 24mm, 28 to 30mm and a thinning attachment. You will find the lubrication oil and the cleaning brush in the box, so you do not have to worry about the maintenance.

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