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Walmart online

How to Buy a Beard Trimmer from Walmart Online (2018)

It is a common question many people have, particularly when they never bought anything from their website. Walmart started their business from 1962 and today they are one of the most popular multinational retail corporation. It has a lot of offers, discounts and customers can buy anything from there where the main thing is grocery. People love Walmart because of the price. Even though beard trimmers fall into the category of men grooming equipment, you have a lot of options from their website and you can easily purchase the one you like. Here is how you do it.

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Philips Norelco 7300 Beard Trimmer

Features to Look for In a Beard Trimmer

In the market and on the web, you will come across a large number of various beard trimmer models. That is why picking the best beard trimmers is almost unimaginable as they are all exceptional and valuable in their own specific manner. Nonetheless, there are a few basics and capacities that make a few trimmers emerge from the rest that will be utilized every day.

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Beard Trimmers to Buy for a Traditional Full Bearded Look

wahl Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Model 9916-817

Panasonic ER GB80 S Beard Trimmer Review

The reality of the matter is that a chaotic, wild and insane beard can look cool and advanced now and again, however a very much prepped beard surely adds to the look and the nice particularly for official works such as meetings and business events. If you want to appear as a gentleman, you must be well-groomed.

Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

1. Turning Heads That Are Gentle to the Skin 

One of the fundamental reasons why individuals go to trimmers from razors is to avoid skin irritation and redness. Fortunately, you can kill that hazard by selecting one of the various trimmers like Philips Norelco QT4070 beard trimmer that accompany rotating heads inserted in them.

This is a boosted innovation that is exceptionally tender to the skin, as a portion of the gadgets accompany self-oil that permits them to effectively coast against the skin, as these gadgets work a considerable measure preferred on wet surfaces fairly over on dry surfaces. Other than this, most cutting edge beard trimmers are waterproof and dustproof, hence permitting you to utilize them while you shower and spare yourself a great deal of time and exertion.

2. The Property of The Blades 

Another angle that is of central significance for beard trimmers is the nature of the blades – a really perfect trimmer accompanies best in class sharp edges that you do not have to stress over about sharpening them again and again. In actuality, numerous producers even offer you a certification that the blades will remain sharp for quite a long time and if not, you can have them supplanted at no additional cost. Some blades are self-sharpening. Most of them are either stainless steel or high carbon ones. Either way, both of them makes the beard trimmer sharp.

3. The Superiority of The Battery 

As you may know as of now, there are two fundamental sorts of beard trimmers: there are the rechargeable beard trimmer and corded ones. Notwithstanding your decision, you should realize that both sorts have their own preferences and weaknesses, yet in the event that you select the rechargeable trimmers then you should unquestionably focus on a few perspectives concerning the battery. The battery life and additionally the normal time it needs to get charged are just two of the angles that you have to focus on. Two major types of batteries are lithium ion and nickel metal hydride. Both of them are powerful but before purchase find out which can work longer than the other.

Andis T Outliner Beard Trimmer

Common Problems with Andis T Outliner Beard Trimmer

We all know that the Andis is the favorite brand of professionals, hair experts and barbers all around the globe when it is about beard trimming. They come with a powerful motor that results in perfect styling every time. If you have the T Outliner and facing issues, here is a guide to help you fix them.

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Common Problems with Wahl Trimmer

Common Problems with Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3100

How buy a beard trimmer from Walmart online?

The beard trimmer is not turning on 

No matter what you do, you are unable to get the power switch to make it work. It is not operating even though you did not do anything to cause damage. It was in proper place all the time.

Andis T Outliner Beard Trimmer

Andis T Outliner Beard Trimmer

1. Gadget connected to power /Switch turned on

Ensure the power switch is totally turned to the on position and that the switch is not very free. Ensure that the power rope is safely connected to an electrical outlet (with proper voltage), if the clippers neglect to work.

2. Motor is not functioning

The motor is the main mechanism that keeps your device running. It is conceivable that the engine will not move since it is simply stuck or needs cleaning and oil. The engine may likewise require substitution if this does not take care of the issue.

3. Cord is worn

The cord is just as important as the motor. Check the cord, including the attachment, for indications of wear. If you notice that it is frayed and afterward make certain to replace the cord. Try not to store the beard trimmer with the power rope wrapped around the packaging as this can harm the rope.

Clippers not cutting sufficiently close 

Clippers do not trim hair close enough or tangles hair rather than trimming it.

4. Clippers have absent or flawed parts

Clippers are leaving holes of contrasting hair lengths when they ignore the scalp. It is conceivable that your blades might miss a few sections. Painstakingly assess your blades to check whether they are feeling the loss of any teeth. Another reason for these cut holes could be obstruction from outside materials. Your cutting edges may not be balanced appropriately or you may have dull or rusted sharp edges. Assuming this is the case, supplant the lost or faulty parts.

Gadget vibrates exorbitantly 

Clippers are vibrating more than expected and the beard trimmer is making a lot of noise.

5. Lost or inadequate parts

Missing parts, for example, screws or a split packaging can be the reason for your clippers breakdown.

6. Inappropriate adjusting

The clippers might be dishonorably balanced because of typical wear and tear or from being dropped several times.

The beard trimmer is working slowly

Clippers might run slower than regular and taking a few goes to trim hair.

7. Cord might have breakdown

Assess the cords and the links with check whether there are internal electric wiring issues that could constrain clipper power, for example, wire break or an arcing.

8. Power switch might glitch

Check the switch system for indications of problems and angling. If it is not spotless and does not reach, then the right measure of current will not stream to the engine.

9. Motor may require substitution

The motor might be destroyed and should be replaced. Ideally this is not the case that the Andis beard trimmers as a rule do not have a huge manufacturer’s guarantee and the cost of the motor is genuinely substantial.

Remington Vacuum Grooming Kit MB 6550

3 Subtle Signs that Your Beard Trimmer Could Have a Problem

While some beard trimmers can last for decades, others just die out after usage of few months. The users who can maintain their beard trimmer looks out for signs of problems even before they show up and damages the device. It can happen that the expensive ones do not last a long time. It is because of negligence of the user thinking that they spent so much money on it why should they have to upkeep with maintenance.  On the other hand, some users who have a low budget, takes proper care to increase the longevity of their beard trimmers and they become successful at doing that. Here are 3 subtle signs that you should notice to avoid product from completely damaging.

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Beard Trimmers to Buy for a Traditional Full Bearded Look

Wahl Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Model 9916-817

Panasonic ER GB80 S Beard Trimmer Review

The beard trimmer getting hot

It can happen like all other days, you are taking out the beard trimmer and start trimming. You notice after a while it starts to get hot. It never happens with your device so it is a matter to worry. Therefore, that could be a sign that something is surely. You can do one thing that is ignore the warmth and carry on with the grooming session. Later on, leave it for cooling before storing away in the pouch. The other thing you can do is find out a solution to the problem. The second option is better than the first because in that way, you can increase the lifespan of your device. Here are the reasons why they got so find out what is wrong with your trimmer.



• Hair can be stuck within the blades so use the cleaning brush to clean them before storing away.

• The blades could need oil so lubricate them using a few drops or according to the instructions of your respective trimmer

The battery is dying quickly

It can happen that you recharge the device according to the time mentioned. If it requires a charging of 60 minutes, you do that, for 15 hours you also do that but the problem lies when you unplug and use it as a cordless one, the power just goes out. It seems like you did not even charge it. Cordless ones are supposed to have a lot of power to trim beards effectively. It will be a big disappointment for the user if this happens. Thus, there are solutions to the problem

• Check the manual for troubleshooting

• Find out if the battery is broken or damaged

• Contact the manufacturer or the store from where you bought and ask for replacement or repair

• Use a corded one if the cordless rechargeable ones seem to be a hassle to you

You lost the manual of the beard trimmer

You want to know something such as how to add an attachment that you are being unable to fit onto the tool. Grab the manual. If you have lost the manual of your gadget, do not worry. You can always check them online or in their official website for instructions. To avoid this problem, you can keep the instructions booklet in a safe place with all other important papers since the first day you get the beard trimmer.  Do not try to do force any parts onto the trimmer.


Braun MGK 3060 Multi Grooming Kit 8 in 1 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men

Simple Beard Trimming and Grooming Tips 

Here are some beard grooming tips that can help you look good and stylish at the same time. If you want to go with the trend, you should know how to use a beard trimmer. There are many available in the market. Pick one that suits all your needs and a price tag that you can afford. Here are some tips to remember.

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Philips QT 4013/23 Beard Trimmer Review Series 3000

Conair 13 pieces Model GMT189 GB Review

1. Some people suggests having this done from a professional while others will not let any other person get close to their beards with trimmers or scissors.

2. In case you will trim your beard yourself, use a beard trimmer that you are comfortable using. Know the benefits of using this device instead of scissors. The most basic one is that you get even cut. The next one is that you do not hurt yourself. You also cannot use any scissors you find at home, you need to use the barber’s one.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3500 QT 4014/42

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3500 QT 4014/42

3. If you are thinking of convenience, a rechargeable and cordless one may be a decent decision. Therefore, you can charge it and use it during travel or anywhere else when you are out.  You can get the PANASONIC ER GB40-S, PHILIPS NORELCO BEARD TRIMMER 7200 SERIES, WAHL 9854-600 ALL-IN-ONE LITHIUM ION, REMINGTON lithium ion powered MB4040 etc.

4. You should buy a decent wide-toothed brush. Alternatively, for the mustache, you might need to have a fine-toothed brush. Some shops claim to sell offer little mustache brushes.

5. You should have a mirror that lets you see yourself clearly when you are trying to groom yourself. You must have a clean mirror that helps you while you are using the beard trimmer.

6. While many people prefer beard trimmers with wet and dry technology, trimming in the shower is not a good idea. When the hair is wet, it appears longer and after it dries it will become short.

7. Before you use the beard trimmer for trimming, make sure that you brush using a comb so that you can tell the exact length of your beard.

8. To keep up harmony and balance between the two portions of your face, you may think that it is helpful to begin close to the ear on one side and trim down to the jaw. At that point rehash on the opposite side.

9. Beard trimmers quite often accompany a removable and flexible trimming guide. By modifying the position of the trimming guide, you control how that will trim your beard. Follow the guidelines that provides instructions provided to use your trimmer for points of interest. Until you have become an expert of your trimmer, it is best to follow the guide for a more extended beard length setting at first.

10. For trimming the moustache using the beard trimmer, first brush it straight down. At that point utilize either the beard trimmer. Begin in the center and trim first towards one side of the mouth, then towards the other.

11. After the trimming session is over, clean the stray hairs with the cleaning brush and if the blades come with oil, apply a few drops or according to the manual.

Wahl Trimmer

Common Problems with Wahl Trimmer

Even though Wahl is most people’s favorite beard trimmer brand out of all the other companies out there, there is no guarantee that you will face issues some time or the other. All electronic devices face problems several times in their lifetime before being completely unusable. No matter how expensive they are, they will still have issues. Here are some issues that you can face when you use a Wahl Trimmer.

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Common Problems with Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3100

Common Problems with Andis T Outliner Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3100, QT 4008/49 Review

Not turning on

Replacing the Battery

When your electric Wahl Beard Trimmer will not turn on, one issue could be the player should be altered. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this, the back must be unclipped and taken off. The battery is then connected in the middle of two prongs. The battery is then evacuated and supplanted with a Battery Set, 2 “AA” Ni-Cad 2.4. Once introduced reattach the back of the shaver and push the on button.

Wahl Trimmer

Wahl Trimmer

Change Cord 

In the event that your electric Wahl razor has had the battery supplanted and still will not turn on, the issue could be with the main cord. Supplant the power cord with Wahl Charger 9854L, 9876L. At that point endeavor the charge and turn on the electric razor.

The Blades are stuck 

There could be something jammed inside the blades of the Wahl Beard Trimmer. For this situation, the sharp edges have to be taken out, checked for hair, and supplanted. Unclip the tip and expel. At that point unscrew the main two screws and the evacuate the broken sharp edges and supplant with the new one. Once the blades are returned in, the tips are reattached and the razor ought to be ready.

The blades could be deformed. For this situation, the past strides would be taken after and blades would be supplanted. Blade set known as “Wahl 1045 Precision Clipper” should help.

Like the dead hairs could be stuck in the sharp edges averting them to move unreservedly. Utilize the little brush to wipe away anything close to the cutting edges that could keep it from moving and afterward apply the oil and attempt to utilize them. On the off chance that nothing happens you should dismantle the sharp edges and supplant them.

Trimmers Stopped working 

Dead /Depleted Battery

When you Wahl Beard Trimmer is not turning on, particularly when it has not been utilized in a month or more, you may just have a depleted battery. Connect your trimmer to your charger and check whether anything happens. In a perfect world, your trimmer will remember it has been associated with a power source and charge its battery. If it will not charge anymore, it must be replaced with another battery.

Motor is gone 

The motor engine will not move you may have quite recently stuck it with little specs of hair. If you utilize the oil furnished with the trimmer it will lube the engine and ought to take care of the issue. If not, then you can accept you should supplant the engine.

Attachments jammed on the trimmer 

When your attachments are stuck on the trimmer it just indicates you had put them on wrong and have to take them off and put them on the correct way. They are genuinely strong so do not stress over breaking them, in case that you do then simply buy another set.



18 Facts about Beard Trimmers

If you are interested to find out more about these devices that makes trimming your beard simple and easy, here are 18 facts about beard trimmers.

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Some facts to know about the Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer QT 4070 and QT 4050

Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmers for Men with Extra Facial Hair Growth

1. If beard trimmer were not invented, trimming would have to be done with a pair of scissors because the razor will get you a complete and clean shave. For “trim” you will need this tools that technology has offered you.

2. There price ranges can vary a lot. Considering the price in the United States or in USD, a beard trimmer can either be $12 or $749!

Braun M 60B Pocket Shaver

Braun M 60B Pocket Shaver

3. Some trimmers can last more than a decade while others break within few months.

4. You can use the special laser technology for a symmetric and precise shave because that will act as a guide every time you shave

5. You can do facial hair styling you want when you have a beard trimmer such as short stubble, friendly mutton chops, Dutch, Anchor, goatee, Balbo, French Fork, ducktail or the chin curtain. Scissors will not only let you trim not style your beard or mustache.

6. The charging time can vary from device to device. It can happen that for one hour of charging you can use it for months or three to four hours. Whereas, in many other expensive ones, they offer power for only one hour for one hour of charging. One that does not use the lithium ion will work for one hour with 15 hours of charge, such as the Panasonic ER GB40S. You cannot ignore this device for just one con because it is full of great features and is one of the best beard trimmers from this company.

7. Adjusting the heads can be difficult sometimes which might damage the tool. You have to be careful about the attachments that comes along.

8. Technology is advancing so much and enhancing the quality of the beard trimmers that now they can even clean you stray hairs, such as the Philips Norelco 7200

9. Even though most men want a beard trimmer with wet and dry technology to trim in the shower, this is not a good idea. After the shower is over, they will find that they have cut the beard and mustache more than required because wet hair looks extra-long than normal.

10. While using a corded one, you can get electrical shocks so make sure that your face is completely dry and you are not standing on a wet surface.

11. Previously, there were no waterproof beard trimmers but after the customers wanted it, the companies came with this technology.  Waterproof makes them suitable for usage in the shower or using shaving lotions, cream or lather.

12. Some comes with self-cleaning system as well as self-sharpening blades. Therefore, the maintenance becomes less troublesome.

13. You have thousands of different choices to choose from because various brands and companies produce different kinds of beard trimmers from time to time.

14. If you are shaving, you would spend more than four thousand hours in the bathroom whereas trimming reduces the time to one thousand an five hundred hours in your lifetime!.

15. In the past, people grew beards for warmth and protection and now men do it for styling and looking good.

16. The Chin Curtain look that you can achieve with a beard trimmer came from the president Abraham Lincoln

17. Forked beards and many other styles were there even before the 16th century

18. If you love sporting a beard, you cannot avoid buying the beard trimmer, it is an essential tool for you.

Wahl Groomsman Pro 9860-700 all-in-one Grooming Kit

The Coolest Beard Styles You Can Try Using the Beard Trimmer

You may have noticed that men with proper hairstyles also have a well-groomed beard. There are many styles you can try with a beard trimmer and be attractive to women. You can go with one that suits your personality and face. You have to take into account that a beard is responsible for half of the fashion of your head.  This is why simply developing a beard is not efficient but maintain it is.  you need to hold it, easy it, trim it and shape it to make it look the best it could using the tons of personal options.  If you are looking for ideas, you have landed at the right place. Here are some styles you can try and you will need a beard trimmer to do them.

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Braun BT 3040 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men Review

Panasonic ER GB80 S Beard Trimmer Review

Braun Series 3 3040S Review

The traditional complete Beard

You can think that why would I need a beard trimmer for a full beard. The fact is that it does not mean that you will grow it and not take care of it. It will look as if you came from the jungle and people will not like the way you look. They will think you do not know what grooming is. Instead of complimenting you, they will think that you came from an uncivilized place. You can let your beard grow and maintain it and keep it in shape using the beard trimmer.

Braun MGK 3060 Multi Grooming Kit 8 in 1 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men

Braun MGK 3060 Multi Grooming Kit 8 in 1 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men

The Balbo

if you choose the Balbo beard, you may be visible as a totally confident, stylish and ambitious person.  The name Balbo comes from the WWII Italian Air Marshall with this name styled his beard in a very certain way.  it could be visible as something of an extended goatee and moustache.  There are many people who looks excellent with this beard style including the starring actor of Iron Man.

The designer Stubble

It is becoming the favorite look of many men as they can get a full beard of just stubble. The beard trimmer makes it easy to maintain a stubble and make you look well-groomed. This look will never be possible with just scissors or shaving razors. There are many forms of stubble you can try such as the traditional, well-shaped, heavy, simple, V-shaped or medium. It is important that you let your facial hair to grow to a length that you can work with. After three of four days of development carry out the style.

Boxed and Short Beard

If you do not like to have the full beard as it can weight extra weight to your face, use the beard trimmer for this style. It will make you look descent, calm and confident. You do not need to worry about how you look when you have the boxed beard. It does all the work to enhance your appearance. All you have to do is purchase a beard trimmer that can get you this look without any problem.


Philips Norelco Trimmers will let you have these four styles described above. You can also go for any other beard trimmers such as Remington, Wahl, Panasonic etc.

Philips QT 4000/16 Beard Trimmer

How Beard Trimmer Suddenly Became Famous

Have you ever noticed that within the last decade, the moustaches beards, and different kinds of facial hairs have turn out to be extra widespread than before?  it appears that evidently everything has taken a u-flip from the way matters were at the begin of the start of time while the metro-sexual, properly groomed look become king.  The exciting thing is this new growth in recognition is not remoted to one specific phase of men, as people of every age and from varied walks of life are emerging them. You will see that a 50-year-old man styles their beard as well as a teenager of 18 years.  What could be the motives for this astonishing rush to develop facial hair and be at the appearance out for the pleasant beard trimmer?  in the following article, we advise what we experience are some of the causes for the resurgence in the fashion.

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Beard Trimmers to Buy for a Traditional Full Bearded Look

Panasonic ER GB80 S Beard Trimmer Review

How buy a beard trimmer from Walmart online?

Matching celebrities and other famous individuals

Whether or not we love to admit it openly or not, we are all encouraged in some methods with regards to how we dress and groom by according to the celebrities we recognize and like that we are exposed to through television and internet. With that in mind it is not surprising to observe that there may be a large variety of actors, celebrities and musicians who had been in the beyond clean shaven and are actually wearing beards and facial hair in many styles and forms.

Braun Series 3 3040S

Braun Series 3 3040S

Hollywood stars along with Bradley Cooper together with his very neat and tidy, five o’clock shadow, Leonardo DiCaprio together with his very untidy-but-nonetheless-seems-great shaggy beard and Johnny Depp with his terrific state-of-the-art goatee and moustache combined look are just three that makes people love them even more.  People want to look like them knowingly or unknowingly. All of the styles are achieved using beard trimmers.

Charitable Calendar occasions

Movember and No-Shave November play an important role in people’s interest to grow beards.  Movember includes men growing out a moustache for the month so as to boost a few sponsorship cash and attention of prostate and testicular cancer and other men’s issues. Whilst No Shave November inspires men to ignore shaving for the whole month after which use the cash they could have spent on shaving merchandise will go instead to American Cancers Society. It happens all over the world, and whoever cannot send their money to that Society simply donates to any organization or charity they prefer. When their beard or moustache gets big after this events, they require the beard trimmer to style it.

They groom beards because they want

With each day, the products are improving. New grooming equipment and beard trimmers are coming with a lot of features and the prices are also reasonable. They protect the skin and makes you look good. For example, if you use the beard trimmer with a vacuum system, it will take care of fallen facial hair. Before clean shave meant that the person is a gentleman. The trend has changed now. If you want a beard trimmer with vacuum system, you can go for Philips Norelco and if you want reasonable ones but high-quality device go for Wahl.