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Lloytron Paul Anthony Salon Pro Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Lloytron Paul Anthony Salon Pro Stubble and Beard Trimmer Review

You probably know the manufactures for producing electrical items such as desk lamp, fan heater etc. They manufacture a lot of grooming products as well such as the hair clipper, rotary shaver and nose hair clipper etc. In this review, we will talk about its beard trimmer.

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To begin with, it is affordable and that is what the company promises. They claim that they sell high-quality products at a less price.

Lloytron Paul Anthony Salon Pro Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Lloytron Paul Anthony Salon Pro Stubble and Beard Trimmer

What is in the box

• The device itself

• Comb

• Oil

• Stand

• Cleaning brush

• Adaptor for charging

Product overview

It is a 2 in 1 stubble and beard trimmer. It converts any kind of facial hair to a fashionable beard, giving a well-ordered trim or clear edges. Being a 2 in 1 device it delivers a faultless resolution mingling the two uses in one tool, presenting you the opportunity to effortlessly alter from stubble or beard trimming by the means of the adjustable stubble and beard combs. With the easy usage advantage, the adjustable comb lies calmly in position and allows you to trim hair to the precise length you choose. The detachable trimming comb provide you a dissimilar length setting from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm for stubble trimming and 3 mm to 30mm for the beard. It has a blade guard to maintain safety and you can use it as a cordless. It comes with a lubricating oil, comb, stand, and a cleaning brush. You have to charge it for 8 hours to use it for 45 minutes.

Product advantage

Products from this company receives good rating and excellent reviews from its users. The 30-mm depth lets you start long and then go short. It is the longest shaving length you will come across. It is noiseless and you can continue with the trimming session in silence. It comes with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil so you can maintain the device properly. It is completely your choice whether you want to use the stand or not. It does not come with a two-pin charge so you will not be able to plug it in the washroom. That is a positive point because it will not come in contact with water if it is not in the bathroom. It will last for many years if you do not drop it nor make it touch water. The speed is excellent and keep away from mist and moisture. The slide buffer protects your skin. It is well-built with no chance of overheating. It is not going to lose power when you use it as a wireless device. It is suitable for you if you are on a budget.