The Best Smelling Beard Balm: A Comprehensive Guide

– The article discusses the best smelling beard balm scent.
– There are 20 different scents to choose from.
– The article focuses on the top 3 best-selling and top reviewed beard balms.
– The number 3 best-selling scent is Bay Rum, described as a classic, robust, spicier scent with hints of Bay Leaf.
– The number 2 scent is Citrus Fire, described as having a cool, mellow undertone that emphasizes the citrus rather than the spicier notes.
– The number 1 scent is Mountain Air, which has notes of spearmint, pine, pleasant woods, and a touch of patchouli. Some men who don’t like patchouli have been surprised at how much they love this scent.
– The name “Mountain Air” was chosen because the scent reminded the creators of crisp, clean mountain air.

– The Viking beard wax has a fresh outdoorsy scent and adds weight to the beard to make it look longer and denser.
– Seven Potions Beard Wax is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made with natural plant waxes to provide moisture and medium hold for any beard size.
– Bill Jealousy Tin Man Beard Wax contains lanolin wax to condition coarse, dry, and itchy beards, and has a scent of white musk, ocean breeze, and vanilla.
– Beards Until Skills Unscented Beard Wax is a fragrance-free option suitable for those with sensitive skin, and contains hemp, kokum, castor, and sweet almond oil for conditioning.

– The article discusses different types of beard balms and waxes and their benefits.
– The first product mentioned is a beard balm that prevents dry and itchy skin, repairs split ends, and promotes hair growth. It is unscented and suitable for short to medium length beards.
– The second product mentioned is a 3-in-1 wax that can be used for the beard, mustache, and head hair. It offers a satin-like finish and is ideal for stylized beard styles.
– The third product mentioned is a beard wax that contains Argan oil, shea butter, and lupeol-cinnamate. It helps with acne and inflammation and is easy to spread.
– The fourth product mentioned is a mustache and beard wax made with 100% natural beeswax. It contains peppermint, hemp seed, jojoba, tea tree, and neroli oil, which helps with skin tightening and regeneration.

– Volt Beard Wax is a cruelty-free beard balm that contains neroli oil with anti-aging properties and 100% natural homegrown beeswax.
– The product comes in a lightweight and slim rectangular tin, making it ideal for travel. It also includes a carrying pouch and a solid walnut wood scraper for mess-free application.
– The hold of the wax can be customized to medium or strong using locally sourced American organic pine rosin.
– The size of the tin is 0.7 oz and is suitable for all lengths and hair types.

– When looking for a beard wax, it is important to consider ingredients that moisturize the facial hair and skin, such as lanolin, glycerin, and essential oils.
– Ingredients rich in Vitamin E are beneficial for those with dehydrated or irritated skin.
– Carrier oils like argan, peach kernel, grapeseed, sunflower, and almond are often used in beard waxes.
– The hold of the beard wax should be chosen based on the length and thickness of the beard.
– For intricate beard styles, a beard wax with a strong yet pliable hold is recommended.
– Scent is a personal preference, and some may prefer unscented beard wax to avoid overpowering fragrances. Even unscented products may have a subtle aroma from their base ingredients.

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