Clipper Blade Sharpener: Unlocking the Secrets to Expert Blade Maintenance

– Sharpening Supplies has a wide selection of over 1,500 different sharpening items from different brands, including the Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener.
– Their trained staff is available to provide expert sharpening advice and listen to customers’ needs.
– The Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener is designed for quality and profitability.
– The sharpener has exclusive features such as magnetic holders that require no adjustments for different sizes of A-5 Clipper Blades.
– It has a 2-speed disc drive for efficient sharpening and reduced time, with speeds of 400 RPM and 900 RPM.
– The double-sided honing disc allows sharpening of both Hollow Ground and Flat Ground blades.
– The sharpener uses the same honing disc as prior models and can also use magnetic holders from previous models.
– The motor is low voltage and fan cooled for long service life.
– The automatic arms have sealed ball bearings and linear motion provided by linear ball bushings.
– The production rate of the sharpener is 12 to 20 or more sets per hour.
– The Treyco Model 3000 Clipper Blade Sharpener comes with various accessories.
– It has a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty against defective parts.
– The Model 3000 is priced at $1895.00 (USD) and is available for purchase.

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