Ja Morant Hair Style: From High Tops to Iconic Fades

– Ja Morant’s hairstyle consists of free-form dreads creatively styled in thick braids, kamikaze twists, parted cornrows, locks, shorts, and ponytails.
– These styles are suitable for individuals with oblong-shaped faces and Afro-textured hair characterized by upward curls.
– Ja Morant is a professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies and was the 2019 2nd Overall Draft Pick and the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year.
– He has been known for his innovative hairstyles, starting with an Afro in college and then transitioning to various braided, twisted, cornrowed, locked, ponytail, and short hairstyles.
– The Ja Morant hairstyle is composed of different patterns of Afro-textured hair, such as dreads, braids, twists, cornrows, locks, short, and ponytail.
– Ja Morant’s rookie hairstyle was shoulder-length dreads, which are considered one of the best dreads among current NBA players.
– Currently, he has traditional 4B strand dreads with front coil highlights.
– He achieved his blowout Afro style by using a hair blower, hair pick, and curling lotion.
– Ja Morant does not have hair extensions, but his natural dreads are colored with dye.
– It is unclear if Ja Morant cuts his hair regularly, but to achieve strong dreads like his, you need to let them grow without cutting for some time.
– Other NBA players with similar dreads include Jimmy Butler and Dwight Howard.
– Ja Morant maintains his braids by oiling his scalp, moisturizing his hair regularly, and re-braiding every 2-3 weeks.

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