Troubleshooting Tips: Lawnmower 40 Not Turning On Common Solutions

1. The Manscaped trimmer may not turn on if the travel lock is engaged.
2. Other possible reasons for the trimmer not turning on include a drained or dead battery, power button issues, hair or debris build-up, water damage, or internal circuitry issues.
3. Some users unknowingly activate the travel lock, which locks the trimmer inactive until deactivated.
4. The easiest way to verify if the travel lock is activated is to press the power button three times consecutively and observe the LED indicators.
5. The battery may be drained, preventing the trimmer from turning on.
6. If the trimmer has been charging but remains unresponsive, there may be an issue with the charging cable or docking station or the battery may be dead.
7. Manscaped trimmers can experience mechanical failures due to overuse or improper maintenance.
8. A burning smell may indicate a short circuit on the control board, burning wires, or an overheating motor.
9. If the power button does not make a clicking sound, it may be loose, misaligned, or damaged.
10. Accumulation of dirt, such as hair, around the power button can cause it to get stuck.
11. Hair and debris around the blades or motor can prevent the trimmer from turning on.
12. Cleaning the blades and oiling them may solve the issue.
13. Troubleshooting steps for the trimmers are provided, including deactivating the travel lock feature, checking the battery, cleaning the blades, and inspecting the power button.
14. If the trimmer still doesn’t work, reaching out to Manscaped’s customer support or an electronics repair shop is recommended.

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