The Science Behind Clipper Lever Open vs Closed: Explained

– Understanding the difference between open and closed clippers is important for achieving the desired hair length.
– Factors affecting the amount of hair cut include the type of blade (fade or taper), whether the clippers are zero-gapped, and the clipper brand.
– Mastering the lever and guards allows for a wide range of hairstyles, including fades.
– Manipulating the lever and guards can help achieve different hairstyles.
– Gradually decreasing the guard length while keeping the lever closed is suggested for beginners.
– Keeping the lever closed and swapping between guards provides more control, reduces hair-pulling, and simplifies the cutting process.
– Using an open lever for a close cut at the bottom of the hair is suggested.
– To determine if the levers are open or closed, one can look at the position of the lever on the clipper.
– The article discusses the differences between clippers and trimmers in terms of their design and intended usage.
– Clippers are designed for cutting larger areas of hair, such as for haircuts or buzz cuts, and come with various guards for different lengths.
– Trimmers are smaller and used for more precise cutting around the edges of hair.
– Clippers are better for cutting hair to a consistent length or removing large amounts of hair quickly, while trimmers are more suited for detailed work like outlining and shaping.
– Clippers often have a wider range of attachments and settings, while trimmers are more precise but may lack versatility.
– The choice between clippers and trimmers depends on the specific task and personal preference.

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