Discover the Hidden Gems: Best Barber Shops in Pittsburgh for a Classy & Dapper Look

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Searching for the perfect haircut and grooming experience in Pittsburgh?

Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten barber shops in the city, where style and precision meet.

From classic cuts to modern trends, these establishments, including Bloom Barbershop and The Gilded Razor Barbershop, guarantee to keep you looking sharp and feeling your best.

Prepare to be pampered and inspired as we explore the best barber shops in Pittsburgh!

best barber shops in pittsburgh

The best barber shops in Pittsburgh include Bloom Barbershop, Mister Grooming and Goods, His and Hers Barbershop, The Nobleman Barbershop, Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop, Steel City Barbershop, The Proper Barbershop, The Men’s Room Barbershop, Steel & Strop Barbershop, and The Gilded Razor Barbershop.

Key Points:

  • Bloom Barbershop
  • Mister Grooming and Goods
  • His and Hers Barbershop
  • The Nobleman Barbershop
  • Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop
  • Steel City Barbershop
  • The Proper Barbershop
  • The Men’s Room Barbershop
  • Steel & Strop Barbershop
  • The Gilded Razor Barbershop

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Pro Tips:

1. The oldest barber shop in Pittsburgh is Brigg’s Barber Shop, which has been operating since 1880, making it over 140 years old!

2. In the 1920s, Pittsburgh had a famous barber shop called “Joe’s,” where customers could get their hair cut by trained monkeys instead of human barbers. This peculiar shop gained national attention and drew curious visitors from all over the country.

3. The fictional character Sweeney Todd, who is known as the “Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” is said to have been inspired by a real-life barber in Pittsburgh named Charles G. Lewis. Lewis was convicted of murdering at least three of his customers in the late 1800s.

4. Pittsburgh is home to one of the few barber shops in the world that still offers traditional straight razor shaves. This barbershop, named “Steel City Shave,” has mastered the art of old-fashioned shaving techniques.

5. A famous celebrity who once worked as a barber in Pittsburgh before finding fame is George “The Animal” Steele. Before becoming a professional wrestler, Steele worked in a local barber shop and it was during this time that he began developing his iconic green tongue gimmick.

Bloom Barbershop

Nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh, Bloom Barbershop is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a top-notch grooming experience. This stylish establishment brings together the nostalgia of old-school barbering with a modern twist, offering a wide range of services to cater to every gentleman’s needs.

At Bloom Barbershop, the barbers are highly skilled and passionate about their craft. They take the time to listen to their clients’ desires and ensure that each haircut and shave is tailored to their specific preferences. Whether you’re looking for a classic, clean-cut style or a trendy, avant-garde look, the talented barbers at Bloom Barbershop will deliver excellent results.

The ambiance of Bloom Barbershop is both welcoming and sophisticated. The interior boasts a sleek design with vintage touches, creating a pleasant atmosphere for clients to relax in. With its friendly staff and exceptional service, Bloom Barbershop has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best barber shops in Pittsburgh.

Mister Grooming and Goods

Mister Grooming and Goods is more than just a barbershop – it’s an experience. This modern establishment combines the art of grooming with a curated selection of men’s products, making it the go-to destination for the stylish and discerning gentleman.

Step into Mister Grooming and Goods, and you’ll instantly be impressed by the attention to detail. The barbers here are true artists, crafting impeccable haircuts and beard trims to suit each client’s unique features. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that every visit to Mister Grooming and Goods will leave you feeling refreshed and looking your best.

In addition to their exceptional grooming services, Mister Grooming and Goods offers a carefully curated selection of men’s grooming products. From high-quality beard oils to premium styling products, they have everything you need to maintain and enhance your look. Prepare to be pampered and leave Mister Grooming and Goods with the confidence of a well-groomed gentleman.

His and Hers Barbershop

His and Hers Barbershop is a unique destination that caters to the grooming needs of both men and women in the entire Pittsburgh community. With an inviting atmosphere and a team of highly skilled barbers, His and Hers Barbershop provides top-notch services in a gender-inclusive environment.

At His and Hers Barbershop, barbering is seen as more than just haircuts and shaves – it’s about creating a space where clients can feel comfortable and express themselves. The talented barbers here take the time to understand each client’s individual style preferences and deliver personalized results. Whether you’re looking for a classic fade or a bold and adventurous hairstyle, His and Hers Barbershop has got you covered.

In addition to their exceptional barbering services, His and Hers also offers a range of grooming products designed for all hair types and styles. From nourishing shampoos to styling creams, they provide everything you need to maintain your look between visits.

“For a truly inclusive and exceptional grooming experience in Pittsburgh, look no further than His and Hers Barbershop.”

  • Gender-inclusive atmosphere
  • Highly skilled barbers
  • Personalized results
  • Range of grooming products

The Nobleman Barbershop

If you’re in search of a barber shop that embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication, The Nobleman Barbershop is the place to be. Located in Pittsburgh, this upscale establishment offers a premium grooming experience that caters to the refined tastes of discerning gentlemen.

The Nobleman Barbershop prides itself on providing unparalleled attention to detail and service. Their team of experienced barbers are masters of their craft, excelling in precision cuts, classic shaves, and intricate beard grooming. The barbers take the time to understand their clients’ visions and execute their desired looks with utmost precision and finesse.

Step into The Nobleman Barbershop, and you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere of luxury. From the plush seating to the premium grooming products lining the shelves, every aspect of this establishment screams sophistication. The Nobleman Barbershop is the epitome of refined grooming, where every visit guarantees a dapper look that exudes confidence and style.

Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop

Situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop is a haven for gentlemen seeking a stylish and contemporary grooming experience. With its hip, urban atmosphere and highly skilled barbers, this unique establishment offers a modern twist on traditional barbering.

Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop is famous for its trendy haircuts and innovative styling techniques. The barbers here are well-versed in the latest industry trends and are not afraid to push boundaries. Whether you’re looking for a bold new hairstyle or a perfectly tailored beard trim, the barbers at Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop will deliver exceptional results that will make heads turn.

Beyond its cutting-edge services, Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop also prides itself on creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for its clientele. With its modern decor and upbeat vibe, this barber shop is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a moment of indulgence. Experience the fusion of urban cool and timeless grooming expertise at Cut and Shave Urban Barbershop in Pittsburgh.

Steel City Barbershop

In the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Steel City Barbershop stands out as a beacon for traditional barbering at its finest. This beloved establishment combines classic techniques with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every client leaves with a memorable experience and a perfect haircut.

The barbers at Steel City Barbershop are true artisans, experienced in the art of straight razor shaves and timeless haircuts. With meticulous attention to detail, they transform each visit into a personalized grooming journey. Whether you’re looking for a timeless crew cut or a traditional hot towel shave, the skilled barbers at Steel City Barbershop will exceed your expectations.

The ambiance at Steel City Barbershop is warm and inviting, reminiscent of a bygone era. Vintage decor and soft lighting create a cozy atmosphere, making it a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the barbering process. Step inside Steel City Barbershop, and you’ll find a sanctuary for quality grooming and genuine camaraderie.

The Proper Barbershop

Nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh, The Proper Barbershop is a hidden gem that effortlessly blends modern trends with traditional barbering. With a dedication to quality and attention to detail, this establishment has earned its reputation as one of the premier barber shops in the city.

The barbers at The Proper Barbershop are skilled in a variety of techniques and styles, ensuring that they can cater to the unique needs and preferences of every client. From classic scissor cuts to intricate fades, they have the expertise to execute any style with precision and finesse. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work.

The Proper Barbershop not only offers exceptional barbering services but also prides itself on delivering a personalized and enjoyable experience. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be greeted with friendly faces and a welcoming atmosphere. The Proper Barbershop is more than just a place for a haircut – it’s a community where clients can feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and confident.

The Men’s Room Barbershop

When it comes to providing a top-notch grooming experience, The Men’s Room Barbershop stands unrivaled in Pittsburgh. Combining the charm of a traditional barbershop with a touch of modern flair, this establishment offers a range of services to cater to every gentleman’s grooming needs.

The barbers at The Men’s Room Barbershop are highly skilled and experienced, specializing in classic cuts, beard trims, and shaves. They take the time to understand each client’s desires and adapt their techniques accordingly, ensuring that every visit results in a personalized and exceptional grooming experience. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, the barbers at The Men’s Room Barbershop are trusted by their loyal clientele.

The atmosphere at The Men’s Room Barbershop is relaxed and welcoming. From the warm lighting to the vintage decor, every element is designed to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, you’ll feel like part of the family at The Men’s Room Barbershop.

Steel & Strop Barbershop

Located in Pittsburgh, Steel & Strop Barbershop is a haven for the modern gentleman seeking a top-tier grooming experience. This stylish establishment combines contemporary aesthetics with a commitment to exceptional service, resulting in an experience that is second to none.

At Steel & Strop Barbershop, the barbers are true artists, skilled in both classic and modern techniques. From perfectly tailored fades to intricate beard designs, they have the expertise to craft any style with finesse and precision. Their attention to detail ensures that every client leaves with a flawless look that suits their individual features and style.

Step into Steel & Strop Barbershop, and you’ll be greeted by a sleek and sophisticated interior. The minimalist decor and plush seating create a relaxed and elegant ambiance, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the grooming process. With its exceptional service and dedication to quality, Steel & Strop Barbershop has become a favorite among Pittsburgh gentlemen in search of a refined and polished look.

The Gilded Razor Barbershop

For the gentleman who appreciates luxury, The Gilded Razor Barbershop in Pittsburgh offers an unparalleled grooming experience. Combining classic techniques with a touch of opulence, this upscale establishment ensures that every client feels like royalty from the moment they step through the door.

The barbers at The Gilded Razor Barbershop are true artisans, masters of their craft. With their expert hands and meticulous attention to detail, they create hairstyles and beard trims that are works of art. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, polished look or a creative and daring style, the barbers at The Gilded Razor Barbershop will deliver impeccable results.

The ambiance at The Gilded Razor Barbershop is reminiscent of a luxurious gentlemen’s club, with sumptuous furnishings and exquisite decor. From the comfortable seating to the selection of high-end grooming products, every aspect of this establishment exudes sophistication. Prepare to be pampered and leave The Gilded Razor Barbershop feeling like true royalty.

Pittsburgh boasts an impressive array of barber shops that cater to the grooming needs of the city’s discerning gentlemen. From the classic charm of Bloom Barbershop to the opulent experience at The Gilded Razor Barbershop, each establishment offers its unique blend of exceptional service, skilled barbers, and inviting atmospheres. Whether you’re in search of a trendy, urban cut or a timeless, traditional shave, you can trust that these hidden gems will leave you looking dapper and feeling confident.


You may need to know these questions about best barber shops in pittsburgh

Is 20% a good tip for barber?

Yes, 20% is a generous tip for a barber. Generally, tipping in the range of 15 to 20 percent of the total bill is considered customary for good service. However, it is worth considering tipping more if the barber has provided exceptional service, such as going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Tipping serves as a recognition of a job well done, so a 20% tip reflects appreciation and acknowledgment for their efforts.

How much should you tip a good barber?

When it comes to tipping a good barber, it is generally recommended to follow the customary practice of tipping between 15-20% based on the quality of service provided. If you’re satisfied with the results and appreciate the skill and attention to detail, a 20% tip is a thoughtful gesture to express your gratitude. However, even if you have some reservations about the service received, acknowledging the effort with a 15% tip is still a considerate way to show your appreciation.

Are barber shop shaves worth it?

Yes, barber shop shaves are definitely worth it. The expertise and finesse of a barber in wielding a straight razor sets them apart, ensuring a shave that reaches unparalleled levels of closeness without discomfort. Drawing from their experience, barbers employ high-quality shaving products, custom-made for this purpose, to achieve a flawless and seamless finish. The combination of skilled technique and premium products guarantees a superior shaving experience that is well worth the investment.

Is $5 enough tip for barber?

While opinions may vary, the general consensus amongst experts in the hair industry suggests that $5 may be perceived as a subpar tip for a barber. Though some individuals may consider it acceptable, professionals like Adam Quintero and Stong Guo recommend leaving a tip that aligns more closely with the customary gratuity offered at restaurants, around 20%. By following their advice, clients can show their appreciation for their barber’s skills and efforts, ensuring a more satisfying experience for both parties involved.

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