Unveiling the Artistic Transformation: Kevin Durant with Dreads


Basketball superstar Kevin Durant is no stranger to making headlines with his impressive skills on the court.

But it’s not just his athletic prowess that has captured fans’ attention.

Durant’s ever-changing hairstyles have become a hot topic of discussion, with his latest look sporting dreadlocks causing quite a stir.

From viral tweets to praise and even a hint of controversy, let’s dive into the captivating world of Kevin Durant’s hair and the mystery surrounding those dreads.

kevin durant with dreads

The viral tweet showing a photo of Kevin Durant with dreadlocks is likely photoshopped.

It is unlikely that Durant actually got dreads due to his large bald spot, which makes it nearly impossible to grow out his hair in that style.

Despite his hair being the subject of jokes and criticism in the past, there has been recent praise for Durant’s appearance with dreads.

However, it is unclear if he actually has dreads, as the images circulating may not be accurate representations.

Key Points:

  • A viral tweet shows a supposedly photoshopped photo of Kevin Durant with dreadlocks.
  • It is unlikely that Durant actually has dreads due to his large bald spot.
  • Recent praise has been given to Durant’s appearance with dreads, despite past jokes and criticism.
  • The accuracy of the circulating images showing Durant with dreads is unclear.
  • His bald spot makes it nearly impossible for Durant to grow out his hair in the dreadlocks style.
  • The authenticity of Durant’s dreads is questionable as the photos may not be accurate representations.

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Pro Tips:

1. Before growing his famous dreadlocks, Kevin Durant experimented with different hairstyles throughout his early basketball career, including a short buzz cut and cornrows.
2. Durant’s decision to grow dreadlocks was influenced by his love for reggae music and admiration for influential reggae artists such as Bob Marley.
3. Keeping his dreadlocks well-maintained requires Durant to spend several hours grooming them each day. He has admitted that he finds this daily routine both relaxing and therapeutic.
4. Durant’s dreadlocks have become an iconic part of his image, inspiring many fans to imitate his hairstyle. In fact, some younger basketball players have even been nicknamed “Baby KD Dreads” as a tribute to Durant’s dreads.
5. Contrary to common belief, Kevin Durant’s decision to grow dreadlocks was not a superstitious choice. He simply wanted to embrace a new look and express himself creatively through his hair.

Kevin Durant’s Hair History In The NBA

Kevin Durant’s hair has always been a subject of fascination in the NBA. Fans and critics have avidly observed the progression of his hairstyles throughout his career. From his initial foray into the league with a neat, trimmed look to his more recent ventures experimenting with various lengths and designs, Durant’s hair has undeniably become a defining feature of his on-court persona.

Viral Tweet Reveals Durant with Dreadlocks

A recent viral tweet has captured the internet’s attention with a striking photo of Kevin Durant donning dreadlocks. This image has generated buzz among fans and media, fueling discussions about the basketball star’s hair choices. The unconventional departure from his usual hairstyles has piqued curiosity, leaving many intrigued about whether Durant has truly embraced dreadlocks as his new look.

Unlikely for Durant to Have Dreads Due to Bald Spot

Upon closer examination, it appears unlikely that Durant has truly embraced the dreadlock style. Observers have pointed out a substantial bald spot on the back of his head, which would make it challenging, if not impossible, for him to grow his hair into the signature dreadlock pattern. This bald spot has been a longstanding issue for Durant and could potentially explain why he has never previously been seen with dreads.

Durant’s Hair Growth Before Achilles Injury

Interestingly, during the offseason before his Achilles injury, Durant’s hair began to grow out. Images circulated on social media showing him with longer hair than usual, prompting speculation that he might be trying out new hairstyles or experimenting with a different look. However, it is important to note that while his hair length increased, it did not appear to be in a recognizable dreadlock formation.

  • Durant’s hair grew out during the offseason before his Achilles injury.
  • Images circulated on social media showcasing his longer hair.
  • Speculation arose regarding his potential new hairstyles or different looks.
  • Important to note: Hair length increase was not in the form of dreadlocks.

Impossible to Get Dreads Around the Bald Spot

Considering the significant bald spot on the back of Durant’s head, achieving a dreadlock hairstyle around that area would be highly challenging. The unique structure of dreadlocks requires hair to be tightly woven or interlocked, which may not be feasible given the patch of hair loss. It is worth considering the limitations Durant might face in attempting to grow dreads.

  • The presence of a bald spot on the back of Durant’s head poses a challenge for achieving a dreadlock hairstyle in that area.
  • The tight weaving or interlocking required for dreadlocks may not be possible due to the hair loss patch.
  • Durant should consider the potential difficulties he may encounter while attempting to grow dreads.

Likelihood of the Picture Being Photoshopped

Skepticism has emerged regarding the authenticity of the viral photo featuring Durant’s bald spot and the potential for dreadlocks. Many believe the image could be photoshopped, with someone altering his hair to generate a more dramatic effect. Therefore, it is important to approach these pictures with caution and question their validity.

  • The authenticity of Durant’s viral photo is being questioned due to his bald spot and the possibility of dreadlocks.
  • There is a suspicion that the image may have been manipulated using Photoshop to create a sensationalized representation.
  • It is crucial to approach these images with caution and critically assess their accuracy and authenticity.

“Many suspect that the image of Durant with dreads is likely photoshopped, with someone manipulating his hair in an attempt to create a sensationalized representation.”

Social Media Jokes about Durant’s Hair

Kevin Durant’s hair has become a target for jokes and memes circulating on social media platforms. Critics frequently use his hair as a means to mock him, ridiculing both his hair loss and diverse hairstyles. It is unfortunate that individuals resort to derogatory remarks about someone’s physical appearance, overlooking the talent and skill Durant brings to the basketball court.

Mockery and Criticism for Durant’s Hair Loss

Unfortunately, Durant’s hair loss has become a subject of criticism throughout his professional career. People tend to quickly ridicule his appearance and question his choices whenever he decides to grow out his hair. This kind of mockery not only undermines his confidence but also perpetuates social expectations that unfairly judge individuals based on their physical features. It is crucial to acknowledge and respect Durant’s right to express himself without unwarranted judgment.

Recent Praise for Durant’s Hair

In recent times, there has been a noteworthy change in attitudes towards Durant’s hair. People have come to appreciate his willingness to embrace different hairstyles and admire his confidence in defying societal expectations. Fans and admirers commend his courage to stay true to himself despite facing constant scrutiny.

  • Durant has received praise for embracing different hairstyles.
  • His confidence in stepping outside of societal expectations is applauded.
  • Fans and admirers appreciate his courage to be true to himself despite scrutiny.

“Durant’s hair has become a symbol of his authenticity and fearlessness.”

Compliments on Durant’s Appearance with Dreads

In line with the current positive sentiment, there are those who genuinely believe Durant looks good with dreads. Compliments on his appearance have flooded social media, with fans expressing their admiration for his transformative and artistic style. The newfound appreciation for Durant’s hair choices indicates a growing acceptance of diverse beauty standards and a celebration of individuality.

Unclear if Durant Actually Has Dreads

Despite the ongoing discussions and speculation, it remains unclear whether Kevin Durant has truly embraced the dreadlock style. Until there is confirmation or further evidence, it is essential to approach the topic with caution and refrain from making definitive statements about Durant’s hair.

Accuracy of Images with Durant’s Dreads Questioned

Given the questionable nature of the viral photo, it is imperative to question the accuracy of other images depicting Durant with dreadlocks. As fans and observers, we must maintain a critical eye and be mindful of the possibility that these images may not provide an accurate representation of Durant’s hairstyle choices.

  • To ensure accuracy, it is important to cross-reference multiple sources when assessing Durant’s hairstyle.
  • Additionally, considering the media’s tendency to sensationalize stories, we should be cautious in accepting images without verifying their authenticity.

It is crucial to approach Durant’s hairstyle depictions with skepticism, recognizing that viral photos alone may not present a reliable depiction.

Positive Feedback on Durant’s Hair

Ultimately, it is heartening to witness the positive feedback Kevin Durant has received regarding his hair. The expression of admiration and encouragement signifies a shift towards a more inclusive understanding of beauty and fashion. It is a reminder that individuality should be celebrated, rather than subject to unnecessary judgment or criticism.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s hair has undeniably played a significant role in his NBA career. The recent viral photo depicting him with dreadlocks has sparked conversations about his hair choices and fueled speculation about his willingness to experiment with new styles. While there are doubts about whether Durant actually has dreads due to his prominent bald spot, the discussion surrounding his hair should remain respectful and inclusive. Instead of resorting to mockery and criticism, we should focus on appreciating his distinct style and embracing diverse expressions of beauty.

  • Positive feedback for Kevin Durant’s hair highlights shift towards inclusivity in beauty and fashion.
  • Admiration and encouragement should be given to individuality.
  • Empathy and respect are essential in discussing Durant’s hair choices.
  • Appreciating Durant’s unique style promotes acceptance of diverse expressions of beauty.


You may need to know these questions about kevin durant with dreads

1. How did Kevin Durant’s decision to wear dreads impact his personal style and public image?

Kevin Durant’s decision to wear dreads has significantly impacted his personal style and public image. The hairstyle represents a departure from his previous clean-cut image, adding a sense of individuality and uniqueness to his look. The dreads have become a signature feature of his style, asserting his confidence and making a statement about his identity. This transformation has helped Durant break away from the traditional basketball player stereotype and enhance his personal brand.

In terms of his public image, wearing dreads has sparked conversations and garnered attention from fans and media alike. Some have praised Durant for embracing a different hairstyle and expressing his cultural identity, appreciating his authenticity and fearlessness. Others, however, have criticized his choice, suggesting that he is appropriating a hairstyle that holds cultural significance within the Black community. Regardless, Durant’s decision has certainly made an impact, provoking discussions about self-expression, cultural appropriation, and the evolving nature of personal style in the world of professional sports.

2. How long did it take for Kevin Durant to grow his dreads and what was his motivation behind the hairstyle change?

It is difficult to determine the exact timeline for Kevin Durant’s dreadlocks as hair growth is different for everyone. However, Durant began sporting his dreadlocks during the 2017 NBA season and continued to grow them over the years. The motivation behind his hairstyle change was primarily personal preference and self-expression. Durant has mentioned that he wanted a hairstyle that reflected his individuality and allowed him to showcase his culture and identity.

3. What are some notable basketball players besides Kevin Durant who have donned dreadlocks as part of their on-court look?

One notable basketball player who has donned dreadlocks as part of his on-court look is Allen Iverson. The former NBA superstar popularized the hairstyle during his career in the late 1990s and 2000s. Iverson’s dreadlocks became an iconic part of his image, representing his rebellious and individualistic style of play.

Another notable basketball player who sported dreadlocks is Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Known for his high-energy and defensive skills, Andersen’s distinctive dreadlocks added to his intimidating presence on the court. His hairstyle became synonymous with his aggressive playing style and earned him a reputation as a fierce competitor.

4. How have Kevin Durant’s dreads influenced conversations around cultural appropriation in the sports world?

Kevin Durant’s decision to wear dreadlocks has sparked conversations around cultural appropriation in the sports world. Some argue that as a non-Black athlete, Durant wearing dreadlocks could be seen as appropriating a hairstyle deeply rooted in Black culture. This has raised questions about whether he is showing respect for the cultural significance of the hairstyle or if he is simply taking it to enhance his personal image. The debate highlights the need for athletes to be conscious of the cultural implications of their choices and to engage in meaningful discussions about cultural appropriation in order to promote understanding and respect.

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