Open Clippers vs Closed: Which is Safer for Haircuts?

1. Open clippers are particularly effective for creating sharp line-ups, fades, and intricate designs.
2. Closed clippers have a fixed blade system, meaning that the cutting length is predetermined and cannot be adjusted.
3. Open clippers may require more frequent cleaning due to the exposed blades.
4. Closed clippers require less maintenance.
5. Open clippers range from $30 to $50 in cost, while closed clippers range from $12.99 to $210.5.
6. The choice between open and closed clippers depends on personal preferences and the desired style.
7. Closed clippers offer a safer and more controlled cutting experience, making them suitable for beginners.
8. Closed clippers are ideal for creating bald and crew cuts.
9. Open clippers provide longer hair lengths and cuts such as side-part hairstyles, pompadours, textured crops, and tapers.
10. The taper lever on hair clippers adjusts the closeness between the blades, allowing for different hair lengths.

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