3 Ways A Beard Trimmer Is Better than a Razor

3 Ways A Beard Trimmer Is Better than a Razor

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If you are trying to give yourself a new look, a beard trimmer can help you with that as there are many styles to choose from. You can look at various styles and find out the steps on how you can do it so that you will be able to achieve the look with ease. People do a lot of different kind of beard styles now so the clean shave is not the only option. With a razor, you cannot do much except for a clean shave. A stubble look is nearly impossible. Here are ways the beard trimmer is better than the razor.

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4 Unquestionable Benefits of Using a Beard Trimmer

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1. They are portable

3 Ways A Beard Trimmer Is Better than a Razor
3 Ways A Beard Trimmer Is Better than a Razor

If you are travelling, you can take them easily. There are many beard trimmers that are pocket-sized and designed specifically for travelling. They do not even cost much. You can use them on the go. Just charge them up and you can use them on the trip without any worries. Some of them are also for long distances and international travel. You can get the Norelco 7300 because you will not create a mess and it takes care of all the facial hair that you have cut. If you are looking for something for travel at a very low price you can go with Panasonic ES 3831. It weights so less that you will not feel like you are carrying something. If you did not use trimmer instead preferred razors, you have to take the shaving lotions, creams or gels along with towels, combs and scissors.

Beard Trimmer
Beard Trimmer

2. They provide quick application

If you are in a rush, a razor will not be able to save you. It will always take a lot of time and after that you will be left with a lot of hair to clean. If you want to save your time, choose a beard trimmer. Better yet, pick one with the vacuum technology because that will take care of the hair that you trimmed. It does not create a mess. You can use devices that allows emergency charging when you forget to charge it prior to shaving or trimming. There are many trimmers that come with this option such as the Wahl 9867, 9845-600, 3205 etc.

3. They are multi-purpose

What is the point of purchasing a razor if you have to buy ear hair and nose hair trimmers separately? The beard trimmers can serve all purposes such shaving the head, taking care of the neck, beard, moustache, sideburns and even nose hairs. You can get Philips Norelco Multi groom etc. Some are easy to maintain which makes it easy to use. Many beard trimmers such as the Panasonic ER 224S can be washed under running water.

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