4 things that will happen when you start using the beard trimmer

4 things that will happen when you start using the beard trimmer

Beard Trimmer Tips

You should purchase a beard trimmer because you have to style your facial hair. It is the trend now and you cannot fall behind. Looking your best will not only make people like you it will boost up your confidence so you can give your best at work. Here are some scenarios that will occur when you have a beard trimmer and want to groom yourself.

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1. You start researching about styles of beardsĀ 

It is clear that since this is now the trend you have to know find out about various styles and determine which would suit on you. You may think that there are only three styles: goatee, moustache and full beard. That is not the case. You can try the Zappa where you have a moustache along with a square beard. The beard is not supposed to be all over the cheeks. It should be between the lips and chin. You can try the Balbo where you have full beard all over the cheeks and a moustache with short ends. While thinking of various appearances of the beard you can go with ducktail, French fork, Hollywoodian or the Chin Curtain. You can utilize the beard trimmer to get any look you want. The first step is to let it grow for few weeks.

4 things that will happen when you start using the beard trimmer
4 things that will happen when you start using the beard trimmer

2. You continue grooming yourself

It can happen that you do not like your current beard trimmer because the battery dies fast or it cannot take care of your stubborn hair. No matter what the problem is, you can always transfer to another product. There are a lot of brands producing high-quality beard trimmers: Wahl, Philips Norelco, Panasonic, Braun etc. If you have sensitive skin, you can go for the device that protects again skin irritation and redness such as Panasonic ES LA63-S Arc4, Braun Series 7 799–CC 6, Braun Series 3-3040, Braun Series 9-9095 CC etc.

when you start using the beard trimmer
when you start using the beard trimmer

3. You become confused about the moustache

You can have a love for moustaches but with time it can fade. You can try the look with one and see how well you can maintain it. If you have a bearded face, it should look fine on you. If you can maintain it properly, you should be able to win many hearts with that. Handlebar, Hungarian, Fu macho and Cops Tach Standard are some of the styles you can do with just the moustache without the presence of the beard. If you want both beard and mustache, you can go with French Fork, Classic Full beard and Darwin.

4. People talk about the beard

After you purchase the beard trimmer, no matter which you picked as long as you are using it right and is fitting your skin type, you will notice that people are talking about your facial hair. It can happen that previously, 90% of the things people told you were about work, personal life and the rest 10% was other topics such as entertainment or trends. Now, the 90% of conversation will revolve around your beard.

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