Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

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If you are tired of switching from one trimmer to another and spending money on them, it is time you purchase the Beardscape. People have used electric shavers from renowned companies such as Philips, Panasonic and Wahl and when that stops working, they have nothing to do and purchase another one. After several purchases and the same disappointment, they do not have the courage to spend a lot of cash on the same kind of product. Therefore, this device is an affordable option because it comes with a reasonable rate.

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Since its release, people are in love with this. Individuals love it for many reasons. A lot of women purchased this for their husband, friend, father, brother etc. People love it for the long battery life, charging time, easy usage and simple instructions. The best part of is that why it makes such a great gift is because the box is pretty. It comes in a rectangle shaped box which resembles a box of chocolate. The device itself has an eye-catching design and comes with a bottle of oil.

Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer


The blades do not pull facial hair and there is no tugging. They are sharp yet painless. If you have sensitive skin, this trimmer is going to be helpful because it takes care of delicate skin. There will be less friction thus zero irritation. It is one and half inches wide and can take care of any style you want. It does not matter whether you have thick beard or not, you can use this. It protects your skin as you use it on your face. You can get any look you want: goatee, five o’ clock shadow, simple beard etc. As they are made from ceramic, they are four times stronger than stainless steel.

Beard and Hair Trimmer
Beard and Hair Trimmer


The device make beard trimming an easy task. It does not make any noise and there is no heating up. People who does not like their current device because of heating up, they can switch to this one. It has a powerful motor and a strong battery but that does not mean it will make noise. It is quiet and lets you use the trimmer peacefully. It is simple to use and it comes with five speed settings. It is a cordless trimmer so after you charge it you can use it with full power. When you first open the box, you will find two blade guards that are detachable, charger, stand and the oil. You do not have to get the cord in the way because charging it will make it operate properly. The construction and structure of this trimmer is solid and well-built.


It is lightweight and compact. Some users say it is better than the ones that belongs to famous brands. It does not make any noise and is perfect for sensitive skin. If you do not want irritation on the skin and want to look your best, you can purchase this. It comes with an affordable price tag.

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