There are many individuals out there who thinks that they do not have to maintain the beard. Simply letting it grow is enough. Even if you are not styling it like a Hollywoodian, rap industry standard, chin curtain, ducktail, Balbo or anchor, just to have a regular beard or a full one, you have to use the beard trimmer. If you are looking for a beard trimmer that is easy to use and is conventional, you should get this device from Philips.

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18 Facts about Beard Trimmers

Features to Look for In a Beard Trimmer

The company has a reputation of manufacturing well-built and durable products that provide excellent service. Their devices come with unique features that are not present in other similar products in the market. They also offer a warranty, and you can use their trimmers anywhere in the world. If you have this tool to take care of your beard, it will make the grooming sessions easy and not a chore.


Product Overview

It comes with 20 different locking length settings that decide the size of your stubble. The body of the trimmer is ergonomic, making it easy to hold and use while you carry out the grooming session. If you have problems with particular areas of your face such as under the jaw, around the nose, etc. this device makes it all smooth. The size is not big so you can grasp it easily without the fear of dropping it. The titanium blades are self-sharpening, so you do not have to worry about them.

There is no need to oil the blades as they are self-sharpening. You can open all the parts and clean them separately. The design of this trimmer is attractive. The result will always be perfect and flawless. It is also usable for sensitive skin. It does not cause any skin irritation, rashes or redness. If you need a trimmer at a reasonable price to take care of sensitive skin, this should be your selection.

Product advantage

It charges fast, and it can last a long time. A full charge can make the tool work for two weeks. It uses nickel hydride, but that does not mean you have to plug it in for eight or twelve hours. Filling it for two hours will make it work for 60 minutes. It can trim stubble precisely and evenly. The result is always even. You will love it for being so light-weight. It is also long-lasting, and you will never have a problem with cutting. There is red light which will tell you when you have to plug it in.

A problem can arise when the stray hairs get inside the trimmer and guard which you have to clear out now and then. The bright side is that many users who used the expensive ones from this brand say they love this beard trimmer more. They say that the price is not less than half of those pricey models and this version makes the task easy. Maintenance is low, and it can work any way you want.

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