Philips Norelco QT 4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer (Vacuum)

Philips Norelco QT 4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer (Vacuum) Review


As you can tell from its name, it will trim your facial hair while making no mess. You sink and the bathroom floor will be spotless. The result of your trimming session will end up being an excellent and precise cut. You will look excellent and the bathroom will be shining as well. You can save a lot of time and energy because you will not have to clean up.

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The reason you will find stubble in its name is because it has the attachment to make you get the perfect shadow look.

Some features of this device: 

Philips Norelco QT 4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer (Vacuum)
Philips Norelco QT 4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer (Vacuum)

• Incorporated vacuum framework vacuums those trim off hairs from your face leaving less hairs to cover your basin and your garments.

• 18 different measurement settings. In the meantime, Norelco realizes that not each man with a stubble, beard and mustache keeps their facial hair at precisely the same, they offer a wide assortment of length settings to address singular issues. These settings run from 1/32 to 23/32 and incorporate 1/64 setting for stubble.

• The Turbo button boosts powers up in the middle of a trim when you lack energy.

• The display tells you about the battery status (when a charge is required) and the length you choose.

• Intended to be utilized either as a cordless or corded trimmer.

• If you charge it for one hour, you can use it for 50 minutes.

• Adaptable comb

• Blades that are extremely sharp

• Bolt that keeps the beard trimmer from operating while voyaging.

• Has a 2-year guarantee from the company.

Usage and settings

There are so many options when it is about the length because each man has their own special style. Some may want a long beard while someone may want a short stubble. The settings start from 1 mm to 18 mm. You can change the setting by increment of 1 mm. You can consider as having another extra length setting when you get rid of the guard. That would make the beard trimmer come in direct contact with the skin. That means it will result in an extremely close cut. There are two combs and one of them is for contour. The head is so flexible that it goes all over the bents of your face. The result is always accurate and perfect.

Blades and Maintenance

The device has self-sharpening blades curved from stainless steel. Upkeep is effortless as you do not have to worry about oiling. The beard trimmer is suitable for men who are busy because they do not have to worry about its maintenance and also about cleaning up.

The best way to maintain the beard trimmer is by following the instructions and finding out which is the right way to use it. In that way, you can make it last for a long time.

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