Wahl 9867 Lithium Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review

Wahl 9867 Lithium Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review


The Wahl 9867 Beard Trimmer is something you cannot miss when you are shopping for men grooming equipment. It is a remarkable product that comes from the Wahl family which make your facial hair styling easier than ever. It comes with a smooth body and what you will love about the device is that it has integrated 7 position guide comb to get the beard to the length you want.

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It has a longer running time than many other beard trimmer in the market. It can operate for three hours without any disturbance. You can take advantage of the quick charge option during emergencies. It is shaped with a very exclusive and excellent long-lasting battery that can work more than several months without charging. It is simple to use and maintain so do not wait to buy this if you want the perfect beard or stubble look.


The motor is an important part of any trimmer. In the Wahl 9867, the motor is very strong and makes the device work smoothly. The reason for the high level of performance of the machine is because of the powerful motor.

Wahl 9867 Lithium Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review
Wahl 9867 Lithium Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review

The whole thing is fully solid but the weight is less. You will not feel that you are carrying something heavy but it is not so light that you will drop in the sink.  The dense and firm design makes it easy to use and reach all the hard areas.

There are more than seven dissimilar length settings to let you have the beard or stubble you decided in the first place.

The handle is ergonomic so it fits in the hand properly and makes the device completely safe to use.

The battery is the strongest compared to any other beard trimmers. You can use it for a year without charging. If you are confused between buying a corded and cordless because you require more power, pick this one. It will give you the same power of a corded beard trimmer while being wireless.


The blades of the trimmer are sharp and rusts because of sweat. It can cause problems if you have sensitive skin.  If you are not careful during the trim, you can get cut. If sensitive skin is the reason you left your typical razor and is shopping for trimmer, this is not going to be suitable since it is not for delicate skin.


• Emergency charging: If you are in a hurry, you can charge it for a minute. That will help you get enough power for a trim.

• Long battery life: If you are charging for one hour you will get it fully charged.

• 7 length settings: You can set your trimmer and get the stubble or beard look of your desired length according to your wish. It is because there are seven position facial hair comb.

• No slip rubber handle: You never have to worry about dropping it because it comes with non-slip grips made of rubber. The rubber material that is covering the body of unit grips is a bit too much in amount which might make your facial hair stick to it like glue.

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