PRITECH Professional Rechargeable Titanium Beard Trimmer for Men

PRITECH Professional Rechargeable Titanium Beard Trimmer for Men Review


The beard trimmer from PriTech is an excellent device that receives positive reviews from its users.  It is noiseless, painless and smooth. It comes with a stand. The design is similar to TRYM II which makes it very sleek and stylish. We all know TRYM II is famous not for its service or performance but for its design and structure. The same applies for this beard trimmer because when you see this one, you will think it to be TRYM II. If you cannot find the TRYM II or it is not in the stock, you can easily purchase this one.

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Product overview

It is made of Plastic and Titanium and its dimensions are 155 mm with 35 mm into 35mm. The model number is PR 1288. It comes in two colors: black and white. It will give professional results and if you are a barber, you can use it for business use. Clients will love it. The charging time is only 8 hours. It can operate for 45 minutes.

Product advantage

The design has an eye appeal and it is a popular choice for men who wants a beard trimmer at reasonable price. The best part is that every member of the family can use it. It is suitable for seniors, adults, kids, toddlers, ladies and pet animals. You do not have to purchase another trimmer for your pet which means you can save money. This is a cost-effective choice. It is 100% safe for kids and babies. The vibration is low and you can use it for both professional use or personal.

PRITECH Professional Rechargeable Titanium Beard Trimmer for Men
PRITECH Professional Rechargeable Titanium Beard Trimmer for Men

The material to build the trimmer is imported from Germany. The body of the tool adopts to trade in high-end mirror material which makes it more smooth and durable. It is comfortable to use. There will be no electrical shocks or leakage so you can use it without any worries on your kids and pets.

The switch is circular placed at the side which makes it easy for operation. There is a light that goes up when you put it to charge. You can place it on the stand without having to worry about it falling. The excellent and beautiful design makes it attractive. The blades are sharp, long-lasting and excellent for cutting and trimming. They will not rust.

You can charge it in any way you like. You can either leave it on the stand or charge it without the base. There are three combs to choose from: 3 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm. Pick out the size you need and carry on with the style you want.  The civilized design and the full set of the beard trimmer is designed for the full family.

You can buy this because there are no disadvantages of using this. The users love this.

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