JTrim JPT-BT200 beard trimmer

JTrim JPT-BT200 beard trimmer review


If this is your first time buying a bead trimmer and have a low budget, you should choose the JPT BT 200 from J Trim as it is reasonable and easy to use. It can also happen that you are tired of spending big amounts of cash on famous and overrated beard trimmers that disappointed and scared to invest again, this could be ideal in that case. You can either get it in silver or black color. Users love it for many reasons such as the stainless-steel blades’ cut, being silent, works like a trimmer used by professionals and it is suitable for any style or any kind of hair.

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Usage and operation

You will love this product because you get value for money. It can hold charge for a long time and as long as their power, it will work effectively. There will be no noise because it ultra-quiet. Some people do not use trimmers as they get pain from all the tugging and pulling prior to cutting it. It has sharp blades that will not pull or cut while you shave. It ensures ease and a pleasant experience of trimming. If you are someone who has to trim a lot this device is going to be serviceable. You should have this close to you because it can be cooperative. To get better results, the blades are made from stainless that are durable which makes them extra healthy and gives them the capability to take care of densest hairs. You should not put too much pressure as it can penetrate through the skin. It can hurt because of its sharpness and hardness.

JTrim JPT-BT200 beard trimmer
JTrim JPT-BT200 beard trimmer


It is light weight and compact. Therefore, there is no chance of dropping it. Since it does not make any noise, you can trim gently around the ears and there is no vibration. It comes with a beautiful charger stand and after you completely charge it you can use it as wireless. It is black and sleek. It will fit your hands appropriately. The best part is that it will take care of your bushiest beards with no trouble.


It is reasonable and comes with a design that makes it easy to hold. You can use it every day to maintain your stubble look. The blades make the trimming session quick and fast without any hassle. The size makes it easy to grasp and use.


When you will charge it, there will no proper indication. There is a light just like other beard trimmers to tell you if it is charging or not but many users said that they cannot see it. It can get messy when you trim since it does not come with any option for taking care of stray hairs.


In this price, you cannot expect so much yet the beard trimmer provides a lot of features and excellent qualities. Users love this because of its usage, battery and size. The blades lets you have a precision but which is important in getting the look you want.

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