PHILIPS MG100 16 SERIES 1000 Beard Trimmer

PHILIPS MG100 16 SERIES 1000 Beard Trimmer REVIEW


The Philips MG100/16 Series 1000 is one of the finest devices available in the market if you want to trim, style or cut your beard into the length and precision you wish using the attachments and settings. If you still did not find a trimmer that can get you the look you want, you should choose this one. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

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First of all, this beard trimmer will let you have the even and neat trim that you have always wanted. If you want something to save time, then this will help. It utilizes technology and innovation to bring about high-level performance for its user. Here are some of the mentionable features of the device.

PHILIPS MG100 16 SERIES 1000 Beard Trimmer
PHILIPS MG100 16 SERIES 1000 Beard Trimmer

1. It is equipped with a precision trimmer that is 21 mm and aids the user to get all kinds of look and enhance their goatees, sideburns, stubbles, moustache and necklines.

2. The low-friction technology makes the shave quick and smooth with zero cuts and the blades are self-sharpening.

3. The foil shaver is designed to provide the user with clean shave and fine lines

4. There are three combs of 1 millimeter, 3 millimeters and 5 millimeters so that you can pick out any length for your stubble goatee or moustache.

5. The device comes with tight grip because of the rubber handle so that you can hold it when the device is wet.

6. Combs and the trimmer is water resistant so you can clean them with water from the tap

7. It works on battery and you can use it as a wireless device so you can take it anywhere you go

8. There is no trouble of oiling it and the voltage compatibility is worldwide.


The device comes with a lot of benefits for the users, some of them are as follows:

1. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of attachments and adjustments

2. As it is water resistant, you can use it in the shower

3. It does not require external lubricant or oil or for cleaning and maintenance

4. It is excellent for giving yourself short stubbles smooth shave, or fine trims

5. It has a of features like foil shaver, three combs, beard trimmer, a battery and cleaning brush

6. You get value for money, it provides a better service compared to the price you pay

7. It has a narrow head making the trim of sideburns and goatees a simple process

8. Easy to hold and includes of a good and sturdy grip

9. Functions perfectly if you have sensitive skin

10. It is perfect to take with you while you are travelling


It does some negative sides that can cause problems or maybe not if you can purchase the original products and maintain them properly

1. It does not work well if your beard is too dense or thick

2. If you do not maintain it properly, the cut will not be as good as you expect

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