There are only a few beard trimmers on the globe that fulfill these parameters – moderate value run, astounding execution, usability, high in customer loyalty, smooth outline, very much rumored brand, and toughness. It might seem as though you are requesting for something unthinkable when you search for an item that falls into these classes. All things considered, you have not seen the Philips QT4005 Beard Trimmer then. It is one of those beard trimmers which wows you with its execution and components, as it gives you full control to pick your styles the correct lengths of trim that you require. Here is a glimpse at the points of interest of this trimmer from this repudiated company, with the goal that you can improve comprehension of the same.

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It is safe to say that you are searching for keeping a full beard or a shadow? Would you like to dispose of the undesirable hair on your nose and ears? Would you like to draw culminate forms on your line and make your style emerge each day? These should be possible inside minutes when you have the super-productive beard trimmer in your bathroom cabinet. This trimmer accompanies some extraordinary elements like:


• Accompanies 20 inbuilt secure length settings (fueled by zoom wheel simple secure) that range from 0.5mm to 10mm with an interim of 0.5mm stages – this helps you to accomplish any style and length of beard/stubble that you need

• Ergonomic design makes the tool simple and agreeable to grasp and work. No physical distress when trimming on the fine ranges also

• Accompanies a charging pointer to tell you the status of charging

• Can be utilized for 35 minutes cordless at an extend, when charged completely for 10 hours

• Self-sharpening blades with round tips to guarantee smooth shaves and skin wellbeing

• Accompanies separable heads that can are easy to maintain and keep up

• Accompanies superb strength and overall voltage similarity – two mark elements of all Philips brands


• If you have this, you do not need any other grooming equipment such as a nose or ear hair trimmer. It comes with everything and can let you carry out any facial hair style you want.

• Gives ultimate peace and comfort also there is simplicity of operation

• The price is affordable compared to many other beard trimmers in the market. The tool accompanies a large group of elements and connections

• Fabulous execution from the beard trimmer

• Extensive variety of length settings giving you adaptability and opportunity to pick the style that you need

• Smooth and snappy structure, which guarantees that your hands or skin will not hurt while utilizing the trimmer

• Trimming components are very strong – one of only a handful few models in the business to have this element

• Works adequately on full beards and shadow looks.


You should purchase this if you are looking for something that is worth the money and will last a long time. The problem is that you cannot replace the AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. The ten hours is also a long time for charging.

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