18 Facts about Beard Trimmers

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If you are interested to find out more about these devices that makes trimming your beard simple and easy, here are 18 facts about beard trimmers.

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1. If beard trimmer were not invented, trimming would have to be done with a pair of scissors because the razor will get you a complete and clean shave. For “trim” you will need this tools that technology has offered you.

2. There price ranges can vary a lot. Considering the price in the United States or in USD, a beard trimmer can either be $12 or $749!

Braun M 60B Pocket Shaver
Braun M 60B Pocket Shaver

3. Some trimmers can last more than a decade while others break within few months.

4. You can use the special laser technology for a symmetric and precise shave because that will act as a guide every time you shave

5. You can do facial hair styling you want when you have a beard trimmer such as short stubble, friendly mutton chops, Dutch, Anchor, goatee, Balbo, French Fork, ducktail or the chin curtain. Scissors will not only let you trim not style your beard or mustache.

6. The charging time can vary from device to device. It can happen that for one hour of charging you can use it for months or three to four hours. Whereas, in many other expensive ones, they offer power for only one hour for one hour of charging. One that does not use the lithium ion will work for one hour with 15 hours of charge, such as the Panasonic ER GB40S. You cannot ignore this device for just one con because it is full of great features and is one of the best beard trimmers from this company.

7. Adjusting the heads can be difficult sometimes which might damage the tool. You have to be careful about the attachments that comes along.

8. Technology is advancing so much and enhancing the quality of the beard trimmers that now they can even clean you stray hairs, such as the Philips Norelco 7200

9. Even though most men want a beard trimmer with wet and dry technology to trim in the shower, this is not a good idea. After the shower is over, they will find that they have cut the beard and mustache more than required because wet hair looks extra-long than normal.

10. While using a corded one, you can get electrical shocks so make sure that your face is completely dry and you are not standing on a wet surface.

11. Previously, there were no waterproof beard trimmers but after the customers wanted it, the companies came with this technology.  Waterproof makes them suitable for usage in the shower or using shaving lotions, cream or lather.

12. Some comes with self-cleaning system as well as self-sharpening blades. Therefore, the maintenance becomes less troublesome.

13. You have thousands of different choices to choose from because various brands and companies produce different kinds of beard trimmers from time to time.

14. If you are shaving, you would spend more than four thousand hours in the bathroom whereas trimming reduces the time to one thousand an five hundred hours in your lifetime!.

15. In the past, people grew beards for warmth and protection and now men do it for styling and looking good.

16. The Chin Curtain look that you can achieve with a beard trimmer came from the president Abraham Lincoln

17. Forked beards and many other styles were there even before the 16th century

18. If you love sporting a beard, you cannot avoid buying the beard trimmer, it is an essential tool for you.

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