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Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer

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Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer

Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer

If you are searching on the web for high-quality beard trimmers, one company’s name might show up but not as much as other brands or manufacturers. It is the Karmin. They deliver their products worldwide and to know if your country is listed, check their website. The reason you would want their beard trimmer is because it is robust, well-built and powerful. The beard trimmer is not overrated but if you look for online reviews, many users like this product.

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Product features

• The moving blades are sharp and made from ceramic. That is why they are stainless and resistant to corrosion and acids. Ceramic blades are most hygienic. They do not cause any disturbance during the trim so you can have a pain-free experience.

Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer
Karmin T 70 Titanium Ceramic Cordless Beard Trimmer

• The product is manufactured in Korea using the latest technology to maintain superior quality

• Normally, other beard trimmers require charging for one hour and works for 60 minutes, with a nickel metal hydride battery which is not as sufficient as the Lithium Ion can require 15 hours of charging time. With this trimmer, it is the opposite. You can use it more than ten hours with two hours of charging.

• Powerful motor for noiseless operation. Do not disturb anyone while you are trimming!

• Comes with 2 pieces of Ni-MH battery

• The blades do not lose their sharpness for a long time

• Blades come from high-density titanium alloy steel which makes it strong

Product advantages

Once you use this, it will start to become your favorite tool because it is easy to sue and comes with a friendly interface. There are four trimmer guides with an interval of 3 from 3mm to 12 mm. Looking at this product, you will think that you have a minimalist and sleek addition in your bathroom. It is the real deal because not only does it look good, it performs very well. The heavy-duty steel blades will let you groom yourself without any trouble. The trimmer can take of the thickest beards and stubborn hairs. You can quickly trim your beard because it makes the task happen fast.

Product warranty

It comes with a warranty of 3 years. If there is anything wrong with the product or you do not like it, you can always change it within 21 days after receiving. You will get refund. Do not send it back to the address from where you got it. If you did not receive the product manual, you can contact them on their website.


The only problem could be the price because it is for those who have a slightly high budget. You will get value for money because it will work wonders. The beard trimmer ensures a precise trim and lets you have the most success in attaining the best look.

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