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Andis Charm beard trimmer Review Model: 72265 

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Andis Charm beard trimmer Review Model: 72265 

Andis Charm beard trimmer Review Model: 72265 

If you are looking for a beard trimmer from Andis that is reasonable and superb in performance, pick the charm. Its name tells us that it is a sublime, delightful and rich product. The price is low though even though it is a dazzling product. It does not come in a gift box so you can get it for yourself or for professional use. Barbers around the world love Andis beard trimmers and their clients like it too.

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Product overview

It is easy to clean and comes with an easy adjust precision blade. You can use it anywhere in the world because of its dual voltage. There are four combs that come with the trimmer. They are of 1/8 inches, ¼ inches, 3/8 inches and half inch. It is lighter than most other Andis beard trimmers in the market. It weighs only 3.5 ounces. It is a strong trimmer and clipper. You can use it to cut your hair as well.

Andis Charm beard trimmer Review Model: 72265 
Andis Charm beard trimmer Review Model: 72265

Product advantage and disadvantage

Some people complain that the motor is weak. It is a lot of advantages. They are lightweight and perfectly safe if you want to use it to cut children’s hair. You can take it during travel because it takes very little space. There are no extra attachments or accessories. If you are thinking of being bald with this clipper, that is not a brilliant idea because the performance of the device is poor when it is about cutting the hair. The size of the cord is long enough to give you enough freedom. There will be no pulling or cutting. The cut is always smooth.

The quality of the trim will always be wonderful. After all, it is an Andis product. They can last for a long time such as three years or more. You can use it on your head and face at the same time. Even after usage of several years, it would function like it did on day one. The price tag is less than other ones from the company as it does not come with a gift box. They are the best seller when it is about beard trimmers so do not worry about skin irritation, redness or bumps. If you have skin problems, you can use aftershave or a glycerin soap. You will love the design of the clipper. It is a perfect beard trimmer if you want something professional to trim facial hair at a low cost.

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