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Andis T-Edjer Professional Beard Trimmer and T-Blade Review Model: 15430

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Andis T-Edjer Professional Beard Trimmer

Andis T-Edjer Professional Beard Trimmer

Andis creates a superb line of corded beard trimmers for both professional and personal use and this one is no different. The users are satisfied with this product, in fact they are more than happy. One of them said that they have been using beard trimmers from other repudiated brands for the last ten years. To them that was the best until they got this one from Andis. They though their previous one was the best until they operated with the T-Edger from Andis. They said that this is more powerful than any other beard trimmer from any other famous brands and manufacturers. It is much stronger than those yet it is silent.

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If you compare this one with your old beard trimmer, this should be the winner. You can compare any kind of trimmer you want to match with its performance: cordless, corded or battery-powered. No matter which brand or type you get, this one will stand as the winner.

Andis T-Edjer Professional Beard Trimmer
Andis T-Edjer Professional Beard Trimmer

Here is a review of the product. 

Even though it requires oiling, that does mean it is a poor-quality product. In fact, you make it much stronger when you oil it before use. It has a lot of happy customers and they love the design, structure and performance of this tool. When you are seeking extreme accuracy and precision, this is going to help you achieve that. For the price, the beard trimmer is superb. You can get a close trim and the shape of the cutter is slender and long.

One of the customer who is more than 60 years old said that they have been struggling their whole life to find a beard trimmer that will not hurt the skin or the face. Finally, when they landed on the Edger, their dream came true. It does not cause any irritation, soreness or bumps. If you want the clean look instead of a stubble, that is also possible.

It is powerful, lightweight and runs on a magnetic motor. It is made in USA. The specialty of this product is the zero-gap feature. It is reasonable in price and the product is worth the money. You can use it for edging around the ears, outlining and trimming beards, necks, jawline and mustache. The teeth of the trimmer are fine-cutting which enables it to be sharp and smooth at the same time. The cord is eight feet long which means it is very long. The design of the tool makes it easy to hold. You can get it for yourself or for using on clients.

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