Andis Fade Master with Fade Blade Beard Trimmer

Andis Fade Master with Fade Blade Beard Trimmer Review


When you are looking for a high-quality trimmer and have a budget that is not low, then this Fade Master should be your answer. The beard trimmer comes with everything that will make your beard trimming session relaxing with perfect results. You can style anyway you want without any difficulty as this for professional use as well. If you require something to be repaired with this beard trimmer, send them back to the manufacturer and they will do it.

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The beard trimmer is somewhat more attractive than the other ones from Andis. It is silver in color and has a metallic texture. It comes with the switch on its side which makes it different from other beard trimmers from the company. It is 10 inches in length and light-weight. Its comes with a magnetic motor and the design is for heavy-duty facial hair cutting. The aluminum housing makes it durable and gives it a nice finish.

Andis Fade Master with Fade Blade Beard Trimmer
Andis Fade Master with Fade Blade Beard Trimmer


As mentioned before, it comes with a high-speed magnetic motor. That means they can outperform many other motors of other trimmers in the market. The beard trimmer will never get hot after use and if you can adjust it properly, it will be completely noiseless. Some users had problem with the noise, but they did not know that they have to tighten it before using. You can use the beard trimmer for long hours without worrying about its health. Since it is for professionals, they can use this on their clients as they come to the salon one by one.


The blades are very sharp and it is crafted so that you can get any look you want. It can work for hours without losing its health and condition. It is perfect for fading and tapering. The quality of the beard trimmer makes sure that you do not have to repair it for a long time. They are famous for delivering reliable service without any disturbance. The money you spent will be worth it. One disadvantage could be that it does not come with guards.


The lever makes sure that the clipper is easy to adjust and the trimming session is quick. It is durable and solid and does not break if you drop it. Its heavy-duty structure allows the user to use it for long hours with no noise and high power. You can get any style you want. If you are a barber and use this for your clients, they will love this. If there is any confusion about the adjustments or usage, read the instructions that comes with the beard trimmer in the box. It is suitable for sideburns, mustache and beards. It operates only when plugged in since it is a corded one. The product is going to provide its user with a long service life so the money you spend is not going to waste.

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