Andis 17150 Pro foil Lithium Shaver Review

Andis 17150 Pro foil Lithium Shaver Review


The Andis 17150 Pro foil Lithium Shaver is the perfect choice and will make a great option someone who is travelling or a beginner. If you have never bought a beard trimmer and confused about which one to choose, this can be the answer. For someone who is buying for the first time, it can be challenging. There are many manufacturers, brands and companies producing many different kinds and versions of the beard trimmer.

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It not only looks good because of the design and color, it functions well. You will rate it five out of five for performance once you start using it. The white external casing with the trimmers give them eye appeal, but that does not mean you ignore its performance level. It is suitable for travelers because they are cordless and comes with a battery that lasts a long time. The lithium ion battery is of high quality which will not get damaged easily. You will get the charging cable inside the box. If you are going somewhere for travelling for one week, there is no pressure of recharging it. Plugging it in once a week will help in operate for rest of the days. Most beard trimmers come with a 60-minute running time. The Andis 17150 beats all others by reaching more than eighty minutes. It is also perfect for sensitive skin because of the hypoallergenic property of the embedded foil heads.

Andis 17150 Pro foil Lithium Shaver Review
Andis 17150 Pro foil Lithium Shaver Review


1. A long battery life: It has a long running time compared to other beard trimmers in the market. Therefore, you do not have to worry about charging it over and over again. The Andis company focuses on making the running time more and the charging time less.

2. There is a charging cable in the box which will let you use the trimmer even when it is plugged.

3. Many people leave their typical razor and buys trimmer because they have sensitive skin. If you have skin that needs extra protection, then use this because it is hypo-allergenic

4. If the equipment you are using to get the perfect look is not controllable, you will never achieve the precise cut. That is why you must opt for a lightweight device. The Andis 17150 is only 5 ounces. It also appears good. You can take it out and people will say that you have a nice choice.

5. The motor is strong and powerful. It does not make any noise despite being so solid. The motor is rotary and it makes 9000 strokes per minute. It is a fast way to get the perfect look. It does not require you to use it much.


1. If you have thick beard, it can be a problem to cut. It is best for light ones.

Complete Assessment

The device is equipped with everything you need. The company focuses on producing innovative design that functions without any trouble. The device is perfect for people with sensitive skin and those who do not like charging.

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