Andis Camo Model 40185 Beard Trimmer Review 

Andis Camo Model 40185 Beard Trimmer Review 


There are some people out there who uses bags, pants, jackets, bed sheets, blanket and many other things in camo print even if they are not in the army. Having camo printed materials does not mean you have to be in the military rather it is something you can have with you always. For example, as there is no season for it and the trend never goes away, you can wear your camo pants during all seasons and you can use the same one for years till it wears away. Getting back on the trimmer, this is from Andis and it is Camo Model 40185.

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Product overview

It is suitable for trimming mustaches, beards, outlining, edging around ears and necklines. Just like all other Andis beard trimmers, it comes with fine cutting teeth for tremendously close trimming. The design is sleek and ergonomic which is contoured to fit your palm. It comes with a dual voltage charger so you can use it as a corded one or cordless beard trimmer. It comes with Ni-MH battery which can carry enough charge for everyday average use. Plug it in at night and leave it there the whole night to recharge to gain 100% power. Blades require oiling. If you have rough beard or coarse hair, they should not be a problem when you have this device. It is made to tame your facial hair and keep them under control so that you look your best.

Andis Camo Model 40185 Beard Trimmer Review 
Andis Camo Model 40185 Beard Trimmer Review

Product advantage

It comes with the Real Tree Xtra Green pattern for the outdoors-man or camo-lover. It is intended for the everyday man to produce the faultless length of moustache and beard and perfectly clean the neckline and about the ears to the looked-for shape. It is a 14-Piece Kit that comes with six comb attachment to get you the look you desire.

If you are not interested in a well-groomed woodsman look then use the fine cutting teeth that are intended for very close trimming for a perfect stubble look. After trimming, do not forget to use the lubrication oil, cleaning brush and guard to help uphold the quality of the trimmer and increase its lifetime.

The Camo Trimmer comes with a Ni-MH battery and dual voltage charger making a dynamo of a high trimming speed and an immediate charge. The Ni-MH battery can make the device last long than typical charge. The sleek and ergonomic design is contoured to fit almost any sized hand which enables it to generate the perfect look with the desirable ease. If you are a traveler, it is easy to pack and carry because it is light. If you like Andis products, this can be a suitable one for you.


Users have a mixed review about this one. If you want a Andis beard trimmer with a high rating, pick the T-Outliner. If you have a low budget, this should be perfect since the Camo is affordable and the T-Outliner is expensive. The T-blade in both of the devices is perfect for trimming, fading and edging.

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