Babyliss 7056 CU

Babyliss 7056 CU 8-in-1 Grooming Perfection Review


For many men, this is the perfect grooming kit. It is the unit you purchase as a present for your better half or a best friend. What’s more, when you have a craving for treating yourself, this is a decent trimmer, as well.

The 7056 CU does a variety of things. While the beard trimmer might not be the most progressive, it additionally offers nose and ear trimming, detail trimming, and even bo2dy hair trimming to guarantee you are impeccably prepared fully.

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Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this model. 

Product advantage

• Offers eight in one trimming alternatives (a decent benefit)

• Easy to upkeep and maintain (washable heads)

• Capacity and charging base included

• Plenty of attachments to get the perfect look

• Can work for more than four years (according to many users and customers)

Product disadvantage 

• When it runs out of charge, it cannot be used as corded one

• Battery starts to lose power

• A lot of pressure is required to hold and cut using this

A user protestations with this device can be that they cannot use it when it is out of charge. Along these lines, if the battery is lifeless, you should energize the unit before utilizing it. What’s more, when this item initially turned out quite a while prior, there appeared to be an issue with the battery holding its charge. If a user complains, they can get a better replacement.

Babyliss 7056 CU
Babyliss 7056 CU

It appears that the battery issue has been cured.

Product Review 

The beard trimmer does many things. While you cannot call it the finest beard trimmer since it just has 5 length settings, you are getting a standout amongst the most reasonable section level models available.

If you have a dense and ragged beard, you might need to search for another tool that has a more extensive scope of length levels. The Braun BT 5050 can be helpful for thick beards.

So, the device has 5 comb settings and can go as short as 1 mm long. Four connection heads are incorporated, as well. The capacity stand likewise goes about as a charging base to spare space.

You’ll have the capacity to utilize this trimmer for: 

Facial hair

Body hair trimming (3 brush guides)

Detail trimming (for styling and lines)

Nasal hair trimming

Ear trimming

The accuracy trimmer starts from 3 mm to 15 mm long in 3mm augmentations. The tool can be utilized without looks over for 1.0 mm trimming and the body preparing brush will cut in lengths of 5.0 mm, 7.0 mm and 10.0 mm.

Cleaning brush and appliance oil are incorporated to guarantee your trimmer stays operational for a considerable length of time to come, and you have to charge it for 16 hours.

At the point when utilized on the face, you will see that the beard is the exact same size from your cheeks to under your jaw and in the neck region. While it is designed for men, ladies have additionally utilized this model for trimming hair on neck, ears or nose.

You can so many benefits in one tool and at such a reasonable price. It is worth buying.

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