BABYLISS 7895 U FOR MEN I-STUBBLE plus beard trimmer review

BABYLISS 7895 U FOR MEN I-STUBBLE plus beard trimmer review


BaByliss is a very common brand when it is about beard trimmers and is the preferred choice for experts and other professionals. Barbers and hair stylists love to use this on their clients.  They have been in industry for many years engineering hair styling goods which expresses for itself. It is a principal brand for electric styling products for both women and men.

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The products that BaByliss designed are successful in providing beauty salon type finish at your house! They use modern technology and ground-breaking innovation to produce products that are supreme in terms of durability, dependability, and service and this BaByliss for Men is no different.

BABYLISS 7895 U FOR MEN I-STUBBLE plus beard trimmer review
BABYLISS 7895 U FOR MEN I-STUBBLE plus beard trimmer review

The 7895 U I Stubble Plus has the label of being the number one beard trimmer in UK.  This device is going to make your daily man scaping less boring. With this beard trimmer, you end up looking your newest and most modern self in a small amount time. Technologically advanced with innovative technology and personalized with incredible features this beard trimmer is a compulsory tool for every man. The beard trimmer’s motorized length switch lets you to alter the comb guide that allows you maintain a beard length as little as 0.4mm.

Here are some of the features that makes it stand out from other beard trimmers in the market.

1. The Motorized Length

You can adjust into 15 different lengths. Therefore, you can style any way you like. You can select any beard length. Changing stubble lengths is not something to worry when you have this. As long as the motorized length switch option is there, there is no hassle. You can shave with exactness and accurateness in less amount of time.

You can choose a length and then lock using the zoom wheel for exact accuracy and usage. The length alterations are subject to on what range your essential length falls to.

2. The Floating Head

The device has a floating contouring head. That allows the user to trim over even the most delicate bends of the face smoothly. A precise trimming and delicacy is certain. When the beard trimmer is able to regulate to the curves of your face it develops the contact among face and the trimmer. As a result, you can have a steady trim.

3. The LED Screen

The LED screen will make sure that the device does not stop working in the middle of the trimming session. It will tell you about the charge left and the length you picked.

4. Detailed and easy Shaping and Edging 

The comb guide helps you in edging. You can use this to trim your beard in any way you like.

5. Urbane Blade Technology

It comes with electro-chemically sharpened blades. While using these blades, the user has no worries about his trimming sessions.


As you can see that there are so many excellent features, you can get this if you are looking to purchase something that works in an excellent manner.

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