Braun Series BT 7050 Beard Trimmer

Braun Series BT 7050 Beard Trimmer Review (Series 7)


The BT 7050 is a powerful device that is easy to use and maintain at the same time. The Series 7-7050 beard trimmer is a capable instrument for trimming your beard precisely the way you need to assemble. The tool is outfitted with an extraordinary feature of locking which keeps the customizable brush on this trimmer make a beeline for stay solidly set up and this will even let you trim hair to the correct length you have chosen.

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The framework of the dual-battery truly offers an effective trimming and furthermore the Series-7 trimmer components surprisingly have durable battery life contrasted with different trimmers available today. In reality, this tool is not only an extraordinary choice for trimming the beard to any length however it is additionally a flawless device for section your hair. All in all, this tool is going to be useful for those who have been attempting to locate the correct mustache and beard trimmer on the grounds that most shaver available today can style short hair however cannot work on long and rough hair like that of a beard. You will get value for money if you purchase this product.

Braun Series BT 7050 Beard Trimmer
Braun Series BT 7050 Beard Trimmer

Product advantage

The tool performs nicely with regards to styling beards, mustache and sideburns. You can have small beard as this trim hair easily over the skin without encountering any pulling or skin aggravations like bumps and bashes. It additionally trims the beard while tidying up where it passes subsequently abandoning no chaos and this implies the shaving procedure will turn out to be substantially speedier with no bother of cleaning any wreckage deserted.

Product disadvantage

The main disadvantage about this device is that it has a few accessories that one should cut onto the trimmer keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the shaving level he craves. The customizable attachment on this trimmer does not have a lot of levels inside its range and this implies you may not get the correct length you need.

Product features

• Simple to lock the trimming attachment: Moving a single finger is all you need to control it

• It has 12 built-in length settings

• Comes with a robust dual battery

• The structure of the trimmer is unique because it works with a slide

• It is convenient and easy to wash

• Comes with a charging stand

• Long-lasting power: 40 minutes of cordless operation for an hour of charging

• Can be used as cordless and corded

• There is a LED light indicator to let the user know about the battery status.

• Comes with a travel case so it is suitable to take along during travelling.

As you can see that this product comes with a lot of benefits. It will help those who are trying to maintain their long beard. Most beard trimmers in the market boast about being suitable for the “stubble look” whereas many men look for full beard trimmers. It is also going to help if you have rough and coarse hair.

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