Braun PT 5090

Braun PT 5090 Precision Beard Trimmer


If you have been using beard trimmers of other famous brands and they did not reach your expectation, you should go with Braun. The company is famous for the Series 9 and users love the products for their features, ease of use and durability. We all know the importance of Gillette in the world of shaving, and if you are looking for something related to it, Braun is the answer. While the series 9 can cost a lot, you might not want to risk so much of your money if you are unfamiliar with this company. Therefore, if you are thinking of testing them, buy the PT 5090 because it is packed with the positive aspects of this brand and the price tag is small.

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If blue and black is your favorite color, then this should match with you perfectly. It is 5.5 inches long and the mechanism and structure makes it easy to use and grasp. It is waterproof so it is alright if you accidently get water on it. If you purchase from them, you will not get the Gillette attachments. If you buy it from Gillette, you will get it with the name “fusion power” and with some add-ons. It works on AA batteries that are also reasonable in price. It is hard to imagine a waterproof, durable and robust beard trimmer from Braun in this price.

Braun PT 5090
Braun PT 5090


Many people complain that their beard trimmer cannot give them the clean look. That is the job of the shaver though, because trimmer can shorten the length of your current beard size. If your face is full of beard and you want to have control over them, this tool is going to aid you with that. If past beard trimmers have failed even from renowned companies, you can trust Braun. You will not face any issues with the usage. It is light so you can move it around without any trouble. After you have this, you will feel like you want to use this for the rest of your life and your interest in other brands will disappear. You can use it every day. The beard trimmer will not hurt your skin or cause any sort of bleeding. It is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. You have to take care of it though, dropping it several times will break it.

Blades and Maintenance

If you can take care of the beard trimmer, you can have a strong and effective tool. The blades are designed to last a lifetime. Since it is waterproof, you can wash it without any hassle. Maintaining it is simple and not a challenging task. The blades make it possible to shape your beard according to your desired length and make yourself look best. After you use this, you will like it so much that you will recommend it to other people. The blades combined with the proper size of the beard trimmer makes it easy to use.

If you are looking for untroubled trimming session, this is the perfect tool.

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