Geepas GTR 8694 Beard Trimmer

Geepas GTR 8694 Beard Trimmer


Geepas is not just a brand instead it is a super brand that is has rising customers each day for their high-quality electronics. With over 30 years of business this company has become an everyday name in the arena of electronics. It is presently available in more than 86 countries around the world, their wide-ranging variety of deliverables of over 2000 products accommodates to all kinds of requirements of a home. They also have a lot of beard trimmers and shavers, here is a review of GTR 86894.

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ABS plastic is strongly resistant to harsh chemicals and physical impacts therefore they are used in various purposes. It is easy to engine and comes with a low melting temperature which makes it an unchallenging job to use in 3D printing and injection molding industrial processes. It is also relatively low-cost. It is not naturally used in a high heat situation due to the low melting point.  All of these features lead to ABS being an excellent choice in a big number of manufacturing processes across a wide variety of productions. It is a recyclable plastic such as polypropylene. Since it is a thermoplastic material, people can effortlessly recycle this as mentioned above. It is a common way of manufacturing ABS plastic from other ABS plastic (that is producing ABS plastic from old ones). The reason for describing the characteristics of this material is because the beard trimmer is made from this.

Geepas GTR 8694 Beard Trimmer
Geepas GTR 8694 Beard Trimmer


You can use this as a cordless one after fully charging it. Just like most beard trimmers, it will operate for an hour with full power when you charge the device. It comes with an internal rechargeable battery that prepares it for being a cordless beard trimmer that works perfectly for beard and stubble. You can get any look you want using this. It is soft and easy to grasp so trimming becomes a simple task. You can use it every day and it will still work smoothly.  It is strong and durable so there is no chance of breaking it.


It comes in silver and black color. It looks stylish and elegant because of its structure and color combination. It comes with a stand so you can sophisticatedly place it there after your trimming session is over. It comes with the stand, cleaning brush, and a bottle of oil.


You will have to oil them so that they will work like brand new. There is no pulling of the hair or tugging so you can use the beard trimmer without getting any sort of pain. You can use it for various kinds of style such as classic full beard, Darwin, soul patch, French fork or an Egyptian goatee. The blades are strong so you can cut through stubborn hair without trouble. Do not apply too much pressure and end up cutting the skin.

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