Panasonic ER GB80

Panasonic ER GB80 S versus Remington PG 6170 The Crafter

Best Beard Trimmers

If you are confused about these two beard trimmers, you should look at the features of each. You can also check the budget and find out which one suits your needs. Each of them has their specialty such as the Panasonic one is perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. The Crafter according to many users did not satisfy them like the way they thought. Even Remington loves did not like it that much. The first similarity between the two is that after you open the box, you will get impressed by its appearance and design.

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Panasonic ER GB80 S Beard Trimmer Review

The package

In the box, you will find the beard trimmer itself, a nose and hair trimmer, power cord, six comb attachments, a small foil shaver, and a detail trimmer (which is fundamentally just a thinner trimmer head). There is a storage pouch as well.

Panasonic ER GB80
Panasonic ER GB80

Design and Ergonomics  

The design of the Remington trimmer is suitable for most users and pleasant. It is having less to offer than the Panasonic beard trimmer and has a finer trimming head which enables it to smoothly use around your nose and ears. It is compact and fits very well in everybody’s hand so there is no chance of dropping it.  The body is enclosed in a soft rubber material which is makes it an easy hold.  The Panasonic attracts less hair than the Remington Grafter. It is not possible to blow the hair away or brush it so the user has to wash it under running water to clean it.

Remington PG 6170
Remington PG 6170


You modify the trimming length by exchanging between the diverse brushes. The brushes are snapped on and off of the trimming head. This functions admirably for the Remington Wet tech trimmer, yet not for the Crafter. You will also see that it takes a touch of weight to discharge the brush which for the most part causes the trimming head to fly off of the body which is somewhat of a pain, particularly if the body is not dry and water goes into the trimmer.

The nose trimmer connection is big compared to regular nose hair trimmers. While the trimmer benefits a vocation around the ears, it does not exceed expectations as a nose hair trimmer. The cutting edge is just on the top instead of all around the front of the connection similar to the case for the Panasonic ER430K.


You have to read the instructions to take care of them. The Panasonic one does not come with oil but the Crafter does.

Cutting speed

Both of them can cut finely as mentioned before. They will take care of the most stubborn hair. Although you do not want to hurt yourself by putting too much pressure as the blades are really sharp.


The Remington Crafter is going to disappoint you if you are their fan or a permanent customer. You can pick out the PG 6250. The Panasonic one is also alright but from the three, you can pick the Remington 6250 PG.

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