Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 Review


Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 ReviewThe 8 in 1 from Philips 7100 incorporates a full-sized metal protection trimmer, beard brush, a body groom shaver, stubble brush, body trimming brush, nose trimmer and precision trimmer.

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The plan of the gadget is with the end goal that you would have the capacity to utilize it for an assortment of purposes. The user will find that it is made to give ideal accommodation. Working it is not a troublesome errand and you will notice that it is anything but difficult to deal with an agreeable hold. The engine that it is furnished with is silent, which does not hamper its energy but rather makes it more helpful to utilize. It is versatile and you can convey it with you on your treks easily.



Every one of the connections of the gadget are fit for giving great outcomes. The primary trimmer is very practical and it results in the outcomes that you are searching for. The accuracy detailer is additionally amazing and gives ideal control. The device will get you simply the outcomes that you are searching for. The execution of the body shaver will abandon you awed. The blades on both the sides of the foil shaver makes it move it in any bearing and it will trim to flawlessness. Hence, you can utilize it on touchy zones without hardly lifting a finger. The stubble brush is very palatable too. All things considered, every one of the components of the gadget intend to give an entire prepping unit in an effective way.


Eight apparatuses in one gadget, along these lines guaranteeing you can utilize the gadget for an extensive variety of functions.

The blades come from ground chromium steel and are self0sharpening and sturdy.

Highlights turbo help for quick outcomes, which can set aside a considerable measure of time. The turbo boost button is a specialty people look for in Philips beard trimmer.

The lithium makes it work for a long time without stopping.

Out of all the Multi groom beard trimmer models, this one has the highest operation time(60 min) and has the most number of attachments (8)

It comes with a pouch so you do not have to worry about the accessories getting lost. The pouch is something individuals look for when they buy a grooming kit with many accessories.


It can vibrate which can cause trouble during trimming

The connections can make become and the quality of the attachments is not well-built.

The trimmer can become wobbly after one year of usage.

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