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Wahl 9918C

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Wahl 9918C

Wahl 9918C

If you have ever used any Wahl groomsman trimmer, then you know that you need to have a high-quality adaptor charger. The Wahl 9918C charger power supply comes with a power input of 100V-240 V and its output is 2000mA. The adaptor charger comes at a very affordable price and you need it if you want to keep your beards looking great.

The Wahl 9918C adaptor charger comes with an inbuilt dynamic IC, a charger IC and a power fuse which ensures that you get a rapid charge and charge protection. Compared to other charger supplies, the Wahl 9918C has great customer reviews and you can get it at an affordable price. Wahl beard trimmers are the best and once you get the Wahl 9918C, you will rest assured of great results.

Wahl 9918C
Wahl 9918C


  1. Wahl 9918C power adaptor is compatible with the Wahl groomsman beard trimmer 9918C 9918-6171.


  1. The product comes with a heavy-duty cable wire and it is lightweight.


  1. It comes with short circuit protection which means your trimmer will never get overcharged.


  1. The Wahl 9918C charger adaptor comes at a friendly price and you will never regret buying the product.



  1. The product does not come with a user manual which means you need to have a bit of experience with the product.


To anyone who has a Wahl groomsman beard trimmer 9918 9918C, you need to buy the Wahl 9918C power adaptor/charger cord. It is durable and long-lasting and will charge your trimmer using a protective power circuit. All customers who have bought the product have praised it for the good work that it does for them. It also comes at a reasonable price.


Buying Guide

For your Wahl groomsman beard trimmer to get fully charged, you need to have an adaptor/charger that is of high quality. You can only get that quality when you buy the Wahl 9918C. It has the best customer reviews in the market and the results will never disappoint you. Just make sure that you check for all the qualities and compatibilities of your trimmer.

It always feels great when you buy a product that you trust and Wahl 9918C comes with all the qualities you need. With charge protection that that will protect your device, this product is by far the best you can get in the market. The package that comes with the product is a one-unit replacement AC power charger. For the best results, you need to order the Wahl 9918C and all your demands will be sorted.


Wahl 9918C

Model: 9918C

Product Dimensions: 4.33 by 3.43 by 1.02 inches

Weight: 2.25 ounces

Outstanding Features: short circuit protection, Dynamic IC, Charger IC, power fuse for rapid charging.

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