Remington f7800

Remington f7800 Titanium X Dual Foil Beard Trimmer


The Remington f7800 is better compared to other products from the company. You will love this dry shaver for its solidity, superior quality and excellent service. Many users said that the size of the razor is bigger than the trimmers with foils from other companies but the variation in size does not make them weighty. The handle has such a shape that makes it easy to grasp without slipping. The beard trimmer will come with a travel bag and charging stand. It does not cost much so if you have a low budget, you can opt for this.

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Usage and Operation

Many users complained that Remington products take a long time and they get late because most of the time goes into trimming. To get rid of this issue, the X series speeds up the process of beard trimming. It is built with an Intercept system which is the new mechanism to shorten grooming time. There will be dual steel foil trimmers, a method in the center to cut long hair as you go over. The System lets the foils to take away facial hair in a fraction of the time. It also has Flex and Pivot technology which means that it will bend individualistically. This feature helps the user to take care of the critical areas.

Remington f7800
Remington f7800

Results after usage

Many users who never used an electric shaver like this before did not like it. If you are using it regularly, you will start to like it. If you are a beginner or never used a beard trimmer before, you should not purchase this. If you have used other devices like this before, you can use it because you will get accustomed to it after several uses. It is a foil shaver.

For Sensitive skin

The foil shaver can protect your skin from irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you can go or this because it has the pivot system to make the head flexible. There will be no tugging or cutting and absolutely zero razor burns.

Battery and charging

Users love Remington because of their battery. It takes two hours to become fully charged and it gets the praise because a 5-minute charge can let you use it for one session of trimming. Once you charge it for two hours, you will not have to charge it in weeks. It comes with the LCD display that informs you precisely how much time you have to use it before it runs out completely. That is why you do not have to worry about the beard trimmer or remember when you last charged it.


Taking care of this device is not difficult. It comes with titanium coating which makes it strong and durable. You can keep it in the storing bag to protect the foils. You should know that you have to carry out replacement of the foils. If you cannot find them in your country, you can ship them from another country.

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