BaByliss I Stubble and Beard Trimmer for Men 7895 U

BaByliss I Stubble and Beard Trimmer for Men 7895 U Review


This beard trimmer from BaByliss is a well-known decision for some men with regards to picking an economical beard trimmer of high quality. It is less in price but receives positive reviews from its users.

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BABYLISS 7895 U FOR MEN I-STUBBLE plus beard trimmer review

It has been said if you take care of your beard appropriately, women will find you attractive and will gain you some regard from individual respectable men. Each man additionally knows that it is so hard to take care of facial hair, and how much arranging, care, and commitment that requires. An extremely mainstream style nowadays is that of a customized stubble. You can get the look using the 7895 U.

BaByliss I Stubble and Beard Trimmer for Men 7895 U
BaByliss I Stubble and Beard Trimmer for Men 7895 U

Discovering the correct device to aid you to accomplish your sought look can likewise end up being a to a great degree troublesome assignment. The correct one will make your life a considerable measure less demanding and will permit you to concentrate on appreciating the advantages of having a cool stubble rather on accomplishing one.

This device is perfect if your budget is low. It looks sufficiently good when you open the package and when you grasp it feels solid and sturdy. It looks just like you will find it appearing it pictures.


It allows you to make a lot of styles for example, a stubble, shadow, or a larger beard. The length choices go from 0.4 mm to 5.0 mm. The variety though is really restricted and we feel this could be a considerable measure better. By inserting a few controls on its LCD screen you will see and put a length regulator measurements to get the sort of beard you want.

It comes with the memory option so that there are no mistakes or you do not have to put much effort. It makes trimming an easy and unchallenging task. You can make your stubble look really outstanding with this tool.

Numerous critics did although say they found this beard trimmer cut exceptionally well. The opinions were somewhat blended so it is really difficult to make sense of and come to a conclusion.

Battery LifeĀ 

The charging time is 16 hours when you first get it out of the box and the LCD screen will let you know when to take away the plug. After that the charging time becomes 90 minutes for an hour operation.


As it is not waterproof, cleaning this is tough. Never use it in the shower and it can water can completely harm the LCD screen.

Users say that it is light so you can take it during travel. It has the option of emergency charging, where you have to plug it in for 5 minutes. It is a beard trimmer that receives both negative and positive reviews from its user.

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