BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper Black (for Men)

BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper Black (for Men) Review


Even though the tool is small, it will give you professional results. If you use it, you will see that it works smoothly and you will get the precise finish that you expect from a barber. It comes with a pouch where you can store it. It weight and size make it effortless to take it during travel.  You will love this as it can be easy to carry and use. Something that is easy to use attract customers. This device is the perfect example for that. It is not confusing nor complicated that it will trouble the users.

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Product features

• DUAL-BLADE CUTTING SYSTEM: It makes cutting own hair smoother and more comfortable that before. The dual-blade technology permits you to trim your hair with cutting motions in many directions. Opening at the back of your neck, apply all-encompassing motion to the forward-facing of the head and arc back. Continue with the procedure of the head for a beautiful self-cut.

BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper Black (for Men)
BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper Black (for Men)

• LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY: The Lithium-ion technology is best for superior power in a trimmer. It distributes greater power for best performance and extended duration for cordless use for a consistent and easy haircut.

• GRADE 1 to 4: Have the capacity to uphold a range of short facial hair styles with a selection between 4 different grade lengths. You can have the facial hair style under your control. Keep your style under control with a cut once a week or every couple of days to ensure you look your best at all times.

• SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Time-honored shape cutting blades brings even and smooth trimming, also on long facial hair; which results in self-assurance and assurance that even after a several weeks after your previous cut, you can reconstruct your tidy and neat look with ease.

• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The shape of the Dual Blade’s is ergonomic which enables the cutting of hair to be an effortless and easy task. It also gets rid of the need to think about continually altering grip or gawkily attempting to maneuver your wrist and hand into improbable positions. Unpretentious forwards and backwards far-reaching motions crosswise the head.

• EAR TAPER GUIDE: A comb guide specifically designed to aid you to positively shape and cut effortlessly around the ears.

• TRIMMING AND EDGING: Shape and style moustache and sideburns and tidy up the neckline by merely utilizing just one part of the blades.

What is inside the box:

-The device itself

– 5 Comb Guides

-1 Cleaning Brush

-1 Lubricating Oil

-1 Charging Adaptor

-1 Instruction manual

Product warranty

The beard trimmer comes with a guarantee of 3 years. If there is a problem, you can always contact BaByliss. When you see manufacturers giving such extended length of guarantee, you can tell that the product is excellent.

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