Braun BT 3020 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men

Braun BT 3020 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men Review


We all know about the excellence and superiority of Braun beard trimmers and other grooming products. They have been rated as the best manufacturers for their foil shavers. The BT 3020 is similar to the other beard trimmer which is BT 3040. You can purchase this without any worries since it is from Braun. So far, this product has no negative reviews. The users love it.

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What is in the box

• The beard trimmer

• Brush

• Charging plug

• Alterable guard with 20 settings to decide the length of trim

Product overview

The device will last a lifetime. The blades are sharp and there is no need of oiling them. It is low maintenance and all you have to do is wash the heads in clean water. The length settings increase in 0.5 mm increments 0.5 mm to 10.0 mm. If you charge it for ten hours, it will operate for 40 minutes. It is for cordless operation only.

Braun BT 3020 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men
Braun BT 3020 Beard and Hair Trimmer for Men

Product advantage

The level of the plastic attachment is easy to adjust using the dial at the front side of the device to 20 different settings. The outcome is always very detailed flexibility in finding out beard length. The structure of the device is superb and outstanding. If you are someone who wants to maintain a stubble look then this should be convenient. It is also for those men who wants a clean look using a trimmer.  You can cut your beard into a very short length if you want. It is a fantastic tool that is effective and simple to use.

It charges up rapidly and it will last for many hours after the first charge. The changeable guard is easy to connect and use, all you have to do is turn the dial and you can trim the facial hair to be short or let it be long grounded on your wish. The excessive amount of selections is eccentric, because this allows your beard to be exactly the way you imagine. It is not a noisy tool.


As you can see, this is a perfect trimmer if you are looking for something excellent. It can take care of goatees, medium and short beards and stubble. If you want to look good, this should be a must on your list. Braun products have been satisfying to customers and faithful to them ever since they started manufacturing.

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