Braun HC 5090 Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer

Braun HC 5090 Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer Review


As you can tell from the name, HC stands for hair clipper but it is also a nice beard trimmer.

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Discovering an astounding hair trimmer is not simple. There are such a large number of brands that give hair trimming items, which makes it very troublesome for a person to pick one straight away. Nonetheless, when you comprehend what you need, this choice turns out to be simple. Most likely, a tough gadget with sufficient components that performs astoundingly and makes trimming your hair as simple as conceivable is the thing that everybody needs. That is the reason here is a review of HC 5090.

Braun HC 5090 Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer
Braun HC 5090 Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer


The device has an exceptionally upscale outline. It has an elastic hold at the middle, which offers clients a suitable and very much adjusted grasp. The structure suits two hair trimming connections that grants clients to tweak their look with any haircut they seek. It likewise gives clients the adaptability to plan an assortment of styles with its deliberately outlined sharp and exact edges, an effective engine, 17 distinctive length settings, and a friendly elastic grasp.


It highlights 17 diverse length settings, which incorporates two connections for trimming the hair and an extra short-extend setting that permits it to carry out grooming without a brush. It has sharp blades crafted from stainless steel. Besides that, it accompanies an intense double battery that conveys consistent power for a more drawn out period. The best element is its memory security bolt. This capacity naturally secures and recollects the last utilized settings for the client’s accommodation and simplicity.


The HC 5090 is generally a fantastic trimmer and clipper. From the solid body to the continuing sharp edges, every one of the materials utilized are of premium quality that makes it a long-lasting item. As indicated by Braun, these blades are dependable and if utilized carefully, they will last forever. At this cost, it is difficult to find a tool with these features, quality and standard.


It works astoundingly, regardless of whether customers are trimming their head hair or beard. Its length settings allow clients to attempt an assortment of hairdos as indicated by their inclinations. If you want a close trim, you can isolate the brush and secure a further short trim. The blades guarantee that the hair is trimmed pleasantly and definitely. Besides, the battery gives persistent energy to hours and permits consumers to get a flawlessly cut at one attempt.

It is a cordless device and there are few attachments which means it is convenient, easy to maintain and user-friendly.

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