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Even though Wahl is most people’s favorite beard trimmer brand out of all the other companies out there, there is no guarantee that you will face issues some time or the other. All electronic devices face problems several times in their lifetime before being completely unusable. No matter how expensive they are, they will still have issues. Here are some issues that you can face when you use a Wahl Trimmer.

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Not turning on

Replacing the Battery

When your electric Wahl Beard Trimmer will not turn on, one issue could be the player should be altered. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this, the back must be unclipped and taken off. The battery is then connected in the middle of two prongs. The battery is then evacuated and supplanted with a Battery Set, 2 “AA” Ni-Cad 2.4. Once introduced reattach the back of the shaver and push the on button.

Wahl Trimmer
Wahl Trimmer

Change Cord 

In the event that your electric Wahl razor has had the battery supplanted and still will not turn on, the issue could be with the main cord. Supplant the power cord with Wahl Charger 9854L, 9876L. At that point endeavor the charge and turn on the electric razor.

The Blades are stuck 

There could be something jammed inside the blades of the Wahl Beard Trimmer. For this situation, the sharp edges have to be taken out, checked for hair, and supplanted. Unclip the tip and expel. At that point unscrew the main two screws and the evacuate the broken sharp edges and supplant with the new one. Once the blades are returned in, the tips are reattached and the razor ought to be ready.

The blades could be deformed. For this situation, the past strides would be taken after and blades would be supplanted. Blade set known as “Wahl 1045 Precision Clipper” should help.

Like the dead hairs could be stuck in the sharp edges averting them to move unreservedly. Utilize the little brush to wipe away anything close to the cutting edges that could keep it from moving and afterward apply the oil and attempt to utilize them. On the off chance that nothing happens you should dismantle the sharp edges and supplant them.

Trimmers Stopped working 

Dead /Depleted Battery

When you Wahl Beard Trimmer is not turning on, particularly when it has not been utilized in a month or more, you may just have a depleted battery. Connect your trimmer to your charger and check whether anything happens. In a perfect world, your trimmer will remember it has been associated with a power source and charge its battery. If it will not charge anymore, it must be replaced with another battery.

Motor is gone 

The motor engine will not move you may have quite recently stuck it with little specs of hair. If you utilize the oil furnished with the trimmer it will lube the engine and ought to take care of the issue. If not, then you can accept you should supplant the engine.

Attachments jammed on the trimmer 

When your attachments are stuck on the trimmer it just indicates you had put them on wrong and have to take them off and put them on the correct way. They are genuinely strong so do not stress over breaking them, in case that you do then simply buy another set.


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