Conair Model: GMT100NCS

Conair Model: GMT100NCS Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer Review 


When you have a low budget, but want to stay well-groomed you should opt for the beard trimmer from Conair. The battery-operated trimmer for beard and moustache costs less than ten dollars.  When you look at the best beard trimmer for getting the stubble look, you will come across the Super I Stubble from this company along with the I-stubble for men trimmer. In fact, they stand before Philips and other brands when it is about the stubble look. Not only these two models, a lot of their versions of beard trimmers receive lots of praise and positive reviews from customers everywhere.

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Getting back to this version of their trimmer, it has a lot of mixed reviews. The fact is that people expects a lot from a beard trimmer at this price. Already it comes with a lot of feature such as styling comb, appliance oil, cleaning brush and stand for storage. There is no need to worry about charging or cord when you have this. It is not a troublesome item. There is no hassle with this. It is easy to clean. If you can take care of it, it will work for a long time. The blades are easy to snap off. The blades are made from stainless steel so it is suitable for any skin type. You can choose your length using the 5-position comb because it is adjustable. Women can also use it if they have short hair. It can be used on the hair of the head.

Conair Model: GMT100NCS
Conair Model: GMT100NCS

The reason it receives negative reviews from its user is because they say the new batteries do not work. You can blame Conair for this because you have to purchase the batteries separately. It is not included in the packet. The other problem is that it does not glide smoothly through rough facial hair smoothly. There are many beard trimmers out there which costs more than fifty dollars yet cannot cut through stubborn hair. If you still have doubts and want a better performing tool, you can buy other models from Conair. When it is about detailing, styling and precision, it can cut smoothly. You make fine lines with this. It can be surprising for you to know that it can last more than four years. If you are someone who travels internationally, then this can be beneficial for you as there no need to worry about the volts or charging system of the country.

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