Oster Professional 76023 510 Fast Feed Clipper

Oster Professional 76023 510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade Review


There are various companies producing men grooming equipment. Oster is one of them that are famous for manufacturing hair clippers around the globe. They are in the grooming industry since 1924. The best part about owning their products is that, they are very durable and strong. Some users used an Oster product for more than fifteen years!

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Features of Fast Feed Clipper

1. The user can adjustable the blade to cut the hair at various lengths.

2. The speed at which it trims is speedy

3. There are four guide combs.

4. It runs on a pivot motor which allows it to work on both dry and wet hair.

Let us look at it in detail

It is solid

It is lightweight but no too much. Even though the company says that it is light, it is actually not. In fact, it is heavier than most other in the market. Some people find this to be an advantage because those who have a firm hold breaks their lightweight trimmer within few months. If you have been someone who has tough hands and have broken trimmers because of this reason, the Oster 76032 510 is perfect as it is solid and dense. The best part is that nothing will happen if you drop it on the floor. There are many beard trimmers in the market and if you drop them once, you have to say good-bye. If you are a messy person or there is a chance of dropping the trimmer, this is going to help you.

Oster Professional 76023 510 Fast Feed Clipper
Oster Professional 76023 510 Fast Feed Clipper

There is no case

If you are a traveler, do not buy this. First of all, it is heavy so it will add a lot of weight to your luggage. Secondly, it does not come with a carrying case. Even though this is a powerful device with a lot of features, many people do not buy it because they find this to be inconvenient. If there was a carrying case, the number of people interested in buying it would double within a day.

Battery Life

Since you are going to use it while plugging it in, you will notice that it is powerful. It will work fast and smoother than any other you find in the market. You do not have to worry about the battery dying or charging time. There were occasions when people charged their beard trimmer the whole night and woke up in the morning and found out it is not working. Some trimmers do not even come with an indicator to know whether there is power or not. There is no hassle here because you will get a stable power which is high enough to take care of the most stubborn facial hair.

The motor

While the word powerful keeps on repeating every time you hear or read about this Oster product, you might think that the motor makes a lot of noise. It is absolutely noiseless even though the motor itself is vigorous, tough and hardy. The motor is designed to provide fifty percent (50%) more power than regular motors. It is surprising that even though it is providing so much power, it is still so quiet.

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