Philips Qg3364/49

Philips Qg3364/49 Norelco Multi groom 5100 Kit Review


The beard trimmer from Philips offers you seven attachments that comprises of four heads and three combs. It is not just a beard trimmer, it is the full kit for grooming your facial hair. You can carry out any style you want along with shaping your hair, sideburns, moustache, stubble etc. Here are the attachments that comes along with the device。

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• A metal beard trimmer that is big in size and solid

• Stubble comb which delivers you 12 length settings from one millimeter (1 mm) to twelve-millimeter (12 mm) with one millimeter gap among each setting.

• Small foil detail shaver that eliminates the undesirable hairs from your chin and cheeks for clean appearances

• Beard comb

• Nose trimmer will eradicate any undesirable nose and ear hair easily and effortlessly

• Detail trimmer

• Hair comb guide is the attachment which is an extra-added bonus that aids by creating new hairdos or keep the present one in its proper form. It delivers eighteen length settings from three millimeters (3 mm) to twenty-millimeter (22 mm) lengths. There is exactly one millimeter among each setting.

Philips Qg3364/49
Philips Qg3364/49

This device is utilized to trim the men’s facial hair to specific lengths. By and large, beard trimmers include various length settings that empower you to develop your beard out to longer or shorter stubbles. The settings can extend from tenth of an inch to one-half inch, contingent upon the trimmer. It works by utilizing many arrangements of sharp metal blades. Ordinarily, the trimmer sharp blade is loaded above each other with every blade presence around one inch wide. After you turn the beard trimmer on it makes the blade to move and to cover intermittently.

When you put it over your face, the moving blades will trim any of the whiskers that they trace. To keep the sharp edges from coming in contact to your skin straightforwardly there is generally a defender that is plastic that will cover the blade end. This guard is controlled by a switch or wheel on the beard trimmer. It is found in the side of the beard trimmer. You can use the safeguard to position the distance from the skin and that of the hair that you are going to trim.

The protector will permit the device to be utilized to retain or make distinctive styles of facial hair. At the point when the safeguard is set to the uttermost space from the cutting edges it can be utilized to keep up your long, full beard. This is complete by expelling just the hairs that are messy or long. While you set it to be the closest, the blades can result in a stubble look or five o’clock shadow. The blades are made from stainless steel and the case is from plastic.

Maintenance is simple, you can use the cleaning brush to keep your device clean. It is durable, powerful and the right choice if you are in need of a proper beard trimmer.

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