WAHL Mustache and Beard Battery Trimmer Review, 12 pieces

WAHL Mustache and Beard Battery Trimmer Review, 12 pieces


If you are looking for something reasonable but of high-quality, Wahl 5537-5601 should be the best trimmer for you. You can trust this brand because Wahl has been making people happy with their products for a very long time. They have lots of positive reviews and the users love them. You will hardly ever find anyone saying something bad about Wahl. The brand is many men’s favorite and they are one of the best beard trimmers. The surprising part is that they cost so less.

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Common Problems with Wahl Trimmer

In the box

After the purchase, you will find a mustache or beard comb. This beard trimmer is the best for thick beards. You will get a cleaning brush for maintenance. It comes with oil for lubrication of the blades. There is an additional ear and nose trimmer. You will also get a medium, stubble, 5-position and full guide with it.

WAHL Mustache and Beard Battery Trimmer Review, 12 pieces
WAHL Mustache and Beard Battery Trimmer Review, 12 pieces

The blades

The blades will last a long time because of their structure and design. The manufacturers did not use stainless steel instead used high-hardness carbon steel for the construction. They are sharp and they can take care of stubborn hairs. The blades are self-sharpening but you will also get oil with the box to keep them in first-class shape. You will get a trimmer for brow, nose, neck and ear so this can be your all-in-one grooming equipment.


Since it comes with three different guide combs you can use it to get any style you want. The position starts from half inch hair length to one-eight inch. You can trim finely without any cuts or pain. There will be no pain as you can get a smooth trimming session.


It is not a difficult task to take care of this device. It comes with the cleaning brush that will let you get small hair out. Do not try to disassemble the parts or use other tools such as screwdriver. You might damage your beard trimmer. There is nothing much to do with the blades. You will get the oil in the box, use that for lubrication from time to time.

Product advantages

• It is reasonable and you get value for money

• It is easy to use and the blade does not collect hair so it is also easy to maintain

• It comes with a 2-year warranty and 12 piece attachments ad accessories

• It is perfect for gift during birthdays, Christmas, New Year, anniversary etc.

• The blades are designed to make the trimming session easy and relaxed


If you are interested to purchase a battery trimmer, this should be suitable for you. You do not have to deal with the hassle of charging it over and over again or carrying huge cords and taking care of them. A small problem in the cord can cause electrical shocks.

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