Wahl Professional 8061 100 5-star Series Beard Trimmer

Wahl Professional 8061 100 5-star Series Beard Trimmer Review


If you want something different looking, then this should be perfect. Nowadays, sleek and metallic designs are taking over and if you want to stand out and be dissimilar from others, this should help. It comes with a casing that makes it hard to believe that it is something from this century. It looks like it is from the 1950s or 1960s. Some people consider that the fifties were the best time to be alive. If you support that statement, this device should help you.

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The 8061 from Wahl comes with a deep crown plastic case which is rectangular in shape and a big on/off button that is black in color. It has gold color foil-style shaving blades which gives it the antique look. Most devices now come in deep colors with shiny texture. Look at the models from Philips Norelco, they try to look as glossy as possible. The Wahl is completely different and if you want to be unique, the 8061 can come in handy.

Wahl Professional 8061 100 5-star Series Beard Trimmer
Wahl Professional 8061 100 5-star Series Beard Trimmer


If you have sensitive skin, this should be perfect as it is hypoallergenic. There will be zero redness or discomfort. It will not cause any allergies neither any red marks on your skin. Not only does it appear to be historic, it works perfectly. Wahl beard trimmers are most men’s favorite. Out of so many brands, when you ask at least hundred men what their favorite beard trimmer company is, most of them will say “Wahl”. The name is famous they can create different kinds of beard trimmers that works smoothly at a reasonable price.

If you are upset with your old trimmer because it pulls hair or you have to go over the same place over and over again, you should opt for this. It will not cause any bumps because it guarantees a smooth shave. You can use it for the neck, head, face and beard. You can utilize it as a shaper. Shaping the sideburns also gets easier than other trimmers when you use this. If you are going to shaver you head, use this because it will not create any discomfort.

It will work on any kind of hair. Do not worry if you have thick or stubborn hair. Wahl beard trimmers can take care of any type of hairs within a short time. Your trimming session will be quicker so you can save a lot of time. If you have a long beard, you should cut it to a small length first before you start to use this device.


You can use it as a corded one because it will not run out of power. You can have a robust and powerful device. Since there is no indicator, you cannot let how much charge is left unless it stops operating. You can plug it back instantly for use right away. It depends on you whether you want it to be a corded one or cordless. It allows you to have two options.

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