When it is about a stubble trimmer for your mustache, hair, and beard, it is vital to discover one that will best suit your requirements and needs. From body hair to sideburns, many patterns tend to go back and forth. Be that as it may, stubble is by all accounts a preparing pattern that will stick around for some time.

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As facial hair patterns transform, you need to make certain you have a trimmer that is adaptable with modification that will dependably be appropriate for your requirements. You need the battery life to last through the whole trimming session and be sufficiently effective to take care of business. One item to consider is the 9916-1117 from Wahl.


Product Advantages

It is a general trimmer that is particularly intended for facial and body hair. It is likewise amazing for sideburns and hair around the neck area. It offers a delicate touch hold that gives solace and style.

This trimmer is rechargeable and lets the user have freedom with its cordless operation. With the ergonomic shape, it is anything but difficult to handle and permits you to stay in total control at all circumstances. What is more, this smooth, chrome-finished trimmer set furthermore rejoices:

• Steel blades manufactured from high carbon that will remain sharp for a more drawn out timeframe and have a higher rate of accuracy

• 6 position attachments combs search for a variety that will permit you to accomplish your required look

• A charge that is dependable with the goal that it will get you through your whole trimming session. You can use it for 60 minutes without any interruption.

• The price is affordable and you can make it last for a long time by taking care of the device

• This reasonable trimmer is cooperative, useful, and conveys pleasant outcomes to a large portion of its users.

• It is easy to use and the kit contains everything you will need to look well-groomed and tidy.

Product disadvantages

While other products come as quiet from the same manufacturer, this one makes a difference. It is fairly noisy because of its engine. This noise can make a rowdy trimming session.

The engine is by all accounts effective, however not sufficiently capable to keep up a solid speed for those with to a great degree thick hair. Thusly, in case that you have thick hair or patches of dense hair, it might wind up pulling it instead of trimming it. This leaves space for bothering to happen.


At the point when looking at the pros and the disadvantages of this Wahl Beard, Hair and Mustache Trimmer, this whole set is by all accounts a decent purchase. It gives robustness, comfort, and perfection. The trimming set is moreover offered at an incredible value that buyers on any financial plan can bear. It will be perfect if you want a stubble look.

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