As far back as the Wahl company designed the primary ever clipper for man amid 1919, it has been in the bulletin for its top notch cutting edges that come controlled with cutting edge innovation and trimmers with easy to use highlights. The Pro Stubble Beard Trimmer is a standout amongst the most exceptional models in the market today, and they have twofold the power than the greater part of the other famous trimmers. Check our review of this stubble trimmer for its great components, masters, and cons and you will comprehend why it is sensible to spend your money on it.


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Product Features

If you have a low budget but seeking for quality and style, pick this because it comes with advanced technology. Here are some if its electrifying features:

• It comes with a powerful and strong Lithium Ion battery

• They are rechargeable batteries that you can use for 2 hours at once when you charge for only 60 minutes

• Rapid charge capability or an emergency charge supply, where a minute of charging gives 3 minutes of trimming time – convenient in times of emergencies

• You can use it anytime you want and anywhere since it is cordless with a lot of power. It guarantees flexibility

• The range is from 0.5 mm till 24 mm so you style anyway you want

• The storage pouch that comes along is helpful and the blades are ultra-sharp and precise

• The box includes a beard trimmer, cleaning brush, stand, two integrated comb attachments, blade oil, transformer, instruction manual and storage pouch

• Equipped with a three-pin plug for charging purpose

• One of the most affordable products at this price and excellent performance grooming kit in the market these days

• 3 pin plug and has worldwide voltage so you can use it anywhere


Product advantages

Wahl is famous for producing products that are durable and strong. They can work through all kinds of hair and for men of all ages. You can gift a Wahl trimmer to anyone and they will love it. They product the best cordless ones because it comes with a lot of power. If there is a problem, you can return to them as long as there is the warranty. It also works for delicate and sensitive skin. You can get a clean shave at the shortest setting. You can hold it comfortably in your hand. Maintenance is easy because all you have to do is clean with the brush that comes along in the box. Do not put it into the water. The components are durable and will not break.

Most beard trimmers come with negatives such being noisy, dull blades, poor performance, high price, being unreliable and fragile, not dependable etc. In this case, it does not have any of these problems. The only problem is that it can difficult to get short stubble but if you can manage to attain that look, then there is no problem.

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